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Help with packing please, trip to Galapagos and Amazon Basin

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SecondhandRose Fri 02-Mar-07 21:59:40

Couple having to travel light to Amazon but not so to Galapagos. Experienced travellers - what do you suggest please?

whyamisoweak Fri 02-Mar-07 22:02:24

Lots of insect repellent

whyamisoweak Fri 02-Mar-07 22:02:47

And light cotton clothes

Gingerbear Fri 02-Mar-07 22:03:18

Ray Mears and a machete?

TooTicky Fri 02-Mar-07 22:12:07

crystalpony Fri 02-Mar-07 22:13:39

When you booked the trip, do the agents or whatever not give you that kind of info and advice?

MrsBadger Fri 02-Mar-07 22:26:28

Rohan trousers
long-sleeved shirts with mesh venty bits in the back
nothing cotton because once it's soaked with sweat it takes ages to dry - get technical fabrics that wick
hat with brim that packs flat
microfleece if you need warm layers
good boots
good socks
green soap for washing things (not travel wash in a tube, it's rubbish and takes ages to rinse out). Put it in a net from laundry tablets and hang it out to dry with the clothes, pack in ziplock bag
50% DEET

MrsBadger Fri 02-Mar-07 22:36:27

the right antimalarials - the Amazon has a resistant strain so the normal stuff (chloroquine) isn't the best thing.
sterile needle kit
water purifying tabs
decent water bottle (Sigg, Nalgene)
binoculars for the wildlife

Buy the Rough Guide and/or the Lonely Planet, or at least borrow them from the library - the Before You Go chapters are indispensable.

whyamisoweak Fri 02-Mar-07 22:40:25

Antibiotics are quite handy to have in your med kit if you are going 'off piste'.
I have had several nasty bouts of food poisoning and also an infected food when travelling in the tropics. Mind you that was asia-- when I was in South America I was fine

wotzsaname Fri 02-Mar-07 22:43:36

big enough bag to put me in to

and binoculars

MrsBadger Fri 02-Mar-07 22:47:12

microfibre towels - cotton ones weigh a ton and never dry properly

SecondhandRose Sat 03-Mar-07 08:58:36

Yes, she does have a list but she is looking for extra tips, like should she take a loo roll anything extra anyone can think of.

harrisey Tue 06-Mar-07 20:43:58

mosquite net!

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