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BeauKaiAlexMummy Sun 19-Feb-17 16:08:37

I'm going to Thailand on Tuesday with 3 kids, 4 and under. It's my first holiday without my ex and it's just me, the kids and my friend (she won't be with us all the time). It's a long flight and it's going to be really hot where we are going. Does anybody here have any tips on what to do on the plane?. And also what sort of clothes to bring and how much?. I've never made my own holiday before so am stumped on what to do. Have quite a bit of spending money and have been reading a few threads and they have suggested trunki car seats etc so pleade let me know if they're any good. My boys are 4 and twin 3 year olds. Thank you.

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Almostthere15 Sat 11-Mar-17 08:39:49

I think the trunki car seats might be for older children than your twins. If you're happy to use a booster and won't have a car there then I'd just pack three boosters in a soft bag and leave them there.

Always pack less clothes than you think if you're happy to hand wash in a sink? Try for cotton if it's possible. We take lots of tshirts from primark so it isn't a disaster if they get suncream stained.

For the plane I would divide it in my mind to manageable chunks. Watch a film, have something to eat, then an activity (Colouring or lego), watch a tv show, eat. If they'll nap then great but mine never does. I wrap a few cheap toys like a car, or a craft set which seems to make them more exciting and a couple of magazines with toys on. Do walk up and down the plane and if it's an option get extra legroom seats as then they can stand too which seems to help. Lollies for take off and descent can help with ear popping so in always grab some (and they keep them quiet!).

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