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Japan small group tours - with kids?

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SobaNoodles Wed 01-Feb-17 12:12:01

We're planning a 2-week trip to Japan in the first half of April. Can anyone recommend a small guided group tour company, preferably one that allows children (DS is 8 years old)?

Tokyo and Kyoto, where we are attending a wedding, are our main stops.

Any advice is welcome!

bojorojo Sat 04-Feb-17 18:35:01

I think you will find a guided tour to Japan ultra expensive. To be honest, you do not need one. We used the Japan Rail Pass which is fantastic. Companies such as Audley Travel can put together an itinerary for you and you just follow it. (There are Japan specialist companies too). I looked at Wunderlust magazine for inspiration.

We used Bullet trains, express trains, local trains, and even a monorail. They all run on time and get you anywhere. We followed sightseeing tips from the books and Audley for everywhere we went including Tsumago and Matsumoto. I recommend Lonely Planet and a guide to the rail network! We had a local guide for a few hours in Kyoto and Audley may know of others elsewhere but I really would save your money unless you are wealthy. We also did a cookery lesson in Kyoto with a guide and a lady who gave the lesson in her own home. We could choose from a vast array of activities. I highly recommend it.

It is very easy to navigate Kyoto. Fabulous city. Loved every minute of it. You can get a taxi from the station to the hotel then walk, take local buses, or get taxis. It is really easy. There are so many fantastic temples, walks, unusual shops and Geikos and Maikos - and a journey to Nara is amazing. The main problem is choosing what to do in the time you have available!

April may be pricy - cherry blossom season?

parklives Mon 06-Feb-17 20:17:05

Echoing pp that you don't need a tour, Japan is so safe and easy to get around. Possibly look on trip-advisor for day tour guides so you get to know the cities better as they will show you things that you won't normally get to see.

SobaNoodles Thu 09-Feb-17 08:19:44

Thanks bojorojo and parklives!

Attending a family wedding in Kyoto so it has to be April.

We're going independent as you said -- booking flights this week and getting excited now!

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