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Tips on which area to stay in NYC?

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redjellybean Sun 29-Jan-17 12:43:32

Hello, I'm planning to go to New York later this year. Two females late twenties. Ideally we would like an area nearish some main sights, safe, but not somewhere really noisy e.g right on Times Square as I'm a light sleeper!Near a subway perhaps.

I've heard midtown might be good? I'm clueless really though and would like people who have been to give their opinion. Anyone been that can help?

MsAmerica Sun 29-Jan-17 23:39:37

Midtown is convenient, but any place will involve transit, anyway. This is the kind of question where I think guidebooks are better than posting a question online.

bojorojo Sat 04-Feb-17 18:40:47

I would also look at the Lonely Planet guide to NY. Have a very good look at what you might want to do, then choose a handy hotel. Obviously mid-town is just that. If you choose a highrise hotel near Times Square, you will not hear a thing! They are nearly all highrise of course!

If you do not need cheap, get a really good idea of the prices and locations and quality of hotels by looking at I always rank by review score. This gives loads of options and prices and locations. As we have been to NY several times, we like the SoHo area. More village. We like the High Line too.

The underground is old fashioned and grim. Plenty of stations do not give you much idea where the next trainis actually going to. Taxis are a better option. If you can, walk. I do think planning your days is the best thing to do though.

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