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Packing (what to pack) - 1st week April in New York followed by 2 weeks in Orlando

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Sandgroper Sat 28-Jan-17 16:31:23


I have been to both places a few times before but at different times of the year. Want to pack as little as possible as plan to do some "retail therapy" whilst there, but will NY be cold at that time of the year and do I need to pack warm clothes?

Also hoping it will be hot or at least warm in Orlando at that time of the year! Shorts and tshirts, maybe a cardi at night for aircon restaurants, maybe a pack-a-mac in case of rain?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks

bojorojo Mon 06-Feb-17 01:02:40

Can't say about Orlando but NY will
probably be spring like but may be a bit nippy in the morning . We were there in late March 2 years ago and it was sunny but windy on the Brooklyn Bridge. I just wore a t shirt, pullover and a lightweight coat. Layers work well. However it was great weather for sightseeing. We walked a lot!

Good luck with the retail therapy! The £/$ exchange rate has totally wiped out any savings. You also have to factor in the tax of about 8% which is added at the till and not included on the price tag. If there is something special you want, price it here before you go. As so much is discounted here, the bargains are not great in NY. The Department Stores on 5th Ave are fun - Maceys is like a rummage sale (when we went). Local shops in SoHo or Greenwich Village are more interesting. There are some shops in NY you don't get here so I like these. Not cheap though! DH likes Cole Hahn shoes.

Sandgroper Mon 13-Feb-17 19:55:26


Many thanks for replying, appreciate your comments.

I am really looking forward to it.

The exchange rate is dismal and realise that with the dreaded added sales tax any massive savings might be few and far between. Last time I went made it out to Woodbury Common and got some fab bargains, bought back an extra suitcase filled with stuff. Think those days are long gone. Will be looking for things in shops that don't exist here.

Thanks for all the great tips.


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