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Miami Beach

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ArriettyClock1 Mon 30-Jan-17 22:27:31

Much as I love South Beach, we only go there at lunchtime as by early evening/night it becomes very 'adult' and quite sleazy, imo.

pilates Sun 29-Jan-17 19:53:33

Thanks abe and zolaaa, especially the tips about parking.

I had googled the basketball but the season will be finished by then.

We are staying at hotel Croydon which is slightly out from all the action at south beach.

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zolaaa Sun 29-Jan-17 19:18:29

Oooh also Winwood Walls in Miami. Urban street art so the teens will prob like it!

zolaaa Sun 29-Jan-17 19:17:56

Depending what hotel you're in and its location take a look at alternative places to park. Often the valet parking at hotels charge double when you could easily park yourself in a garage and walk to your hotel.
We stayed at Collins/18th Street and there is a garage on 20th Street which charged $185 for a week including in/out privileges (i.e you can take your car out the garage as many times as you want each day). The hotel would have been $50 a day (plus you feel obliged to tip each time!!)

Other ideas:
*Wake up early at least one day to see the sunrise from the beach
*Sawgrass Mills - huge shopping outlet about 45 mins away
*Day trip to Fort Lauderdale to ogle amazing canalside houses. Stop on the way at Hollywood Beach - very quiet
*Bayside Cruises from the Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami - they point out the celebrity homes (look on Groupon for discount code)
*See if anyone you like the sound of is playing at the American Airlines arena (music and basketball but don't think it will be on in August)
*Would definitely recommend at least 1 night in the Keys. Key West was so lovely - and if you do go then you must do a Sunset boat cruise. It was the highlight of our trip and just so beautiful.

Argh i want to go back sad

abeandhalo Sat 28-Jan-17 15:50:55

I second a trip to the Everglades, although you'll have to check when the bug season is there because I can't remember? There are driving routes you can do and walks. On the same day as this we also went to a Native American Village which was cool.

Your teens will love the mall there. Every time we go to America we seem to spend half a day wandering around the supermarket too, I just find it so interesting!

There's also a café/restaurant I think about 20 mins drive away call the Green Eggs Café & it's the best breakfast We've ever had. In fact we ended up going back a couple of days later it was that good.

pilates Sat 28-Jan-17 15:46:29

Thanks both of you

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PhoenixJasmine Fri 27-Jan-17 17:04:56

Day trip to the Everglades we did ourselves hiring a car, drove out to Shark Valley and did the tram tour there and then did an airboat ride at Cooperstown on the way back. Easy day trip, we were staying at gorgeous Art Deco place right on Ocean Drive with a view over the beach. Probably not for children though!

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 27-Jan-17 16:59:29

If you want to use a car in Miami I would reconsider using it if you are purely going to stay in the South Beach area. At the very least do not leave anything of value in the car, use sat nav and be sure of your route before setting off. The overall standard of driving in Miami is and I will be polite here "variable" to say the very least so you need to be pretty bold and confident in your own abilities. Traffic laws, pah!!!. Parking in the South Beach area of Miami can be a problem as spaces can be limited. Uber is available. is helpful

The Venetian Pool at Coral Gables is worth a visit and would also suggest you visit Bayside during the day. That's a restaurant and shopping complex in Downtown. The Thriller boat speedboat ride is there and its great fun.

You're not far from the Aventura Mall if you are staying in South Beach and the Lincoln Road area is lively but not very rowdy particularly during the day.

Wear your most comfortable shoes upon arrival into Miami airport because you will walk a long way to get to Immigration. Its a real dump of a place as well with confusing signage so keep your wits about you and use the APC (automated passport machines) if in use the day you arrive.

If you go to the Keys bear in mind that it is a three hour (or thereabouts) drive each way from Miami and once you are on the road leading to the keys itself its single lane.

pilates Fri 27-Jan-17 16:07:36

We are going end of July for two weeks with DS 13 and DD16.

Any recommendations of trips and things to do?

We will have a car for two weeks.

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