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Northern India in July?

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cathyandclare Tue 17-Jan-17 15:07:26

We'd like to go way with teenage DDs (18/19) in July. We'd all love to go visit northern India, the Golden Triangle etc but a quick glance at the brochures tells me that it's monsoon. So my question is, how tricky is the weather. Ive been to Thailand and Sri Lanka in the monsoon and it was fine, hot then heavy rain then clear again.

Has anyone been there/lived there at that time that can give me a better insight that looking at graphs and rainfall numbers?

Thanks smile

ShanghaiDiva Thu 19-Jan-17 08:33:14

I don't live in India, but do live in a city in China with very hot weather (40+) and high humidity in July and it can be very debilitating.
I visited the Golden Triangle last month and weather was great - 25-28 during the day, but cool in the evenings. We chatted to the hotel staff and 45 is normal in Delhi in the summer. Delhi is dirty, chaotic and very busy - and I imagine pretty unbearable in 40+ heat.

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