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1 week - 6 ladies - for my 50th - USA

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Zaor Fri 13-Jan-17 21:28:01

Hi Everyone, I am looking for suggestions for 6 of us to get away. It will be March or April 2018. We want some sun, things to see, bit of shopping, good food - somewhere special! Initially we were thinking Miami but it looks soo expensive its frightened me off a bit.

All suggestions welcome...

another20 Sat 14-Jan-17 20:47:09

My NDN is from the US - she cant understand why anyone would go to Florida when there is the rest of the US to explore - she went to Santa Monica for her 40th -- flights to LA are cheaper than to Florida from UK, even though it is further, as the UK / Florida is a rip off tourist flight path 9according to the NDN) .... you would need to go as far South as possible for some heat....San Diego might be a good?

Zaor Wed 18-Jan-17 21:43:23

Thanks for that. I was thinking East coast as West seems such a long flight for 1 week. San Diego does look good though!

TheMysteriousJackelope Wed 18-Jan-17 22:42:35

Santa Monica is in greater Los Angeles. There is a ton to see and do in LA and Southern California. March/April would be perfect months for weather as well. You will need drive though. As there are six of you, you could probably rent a minivan or SUV so all of you will fit in one vehicle. A week would be long enough to do the drive up Pacific Coast Highway between LA and San Francisco and stop off to see things en route. Unfortunately I don't know San Diego well at all.

San Francisco is another great city, but it may be a little chilly in the Spring.

How about New Orleans? I think French Quarter Festival is in April. We have been to NOLA quite a few times. We usually rent a house in the Garden District which I guess is the equivalent of Chelsea with lots of one off boutique type shops on Magazine Street. You can either take the street car into the French Quarter or drive in. There are many excellent restaurants, ghost walks, cemetery tours, cooking classes, the aquarium, Café du Monde, the French market, carriage rides, the Honey Island Swamp Tour, Mardi Gras World, plantation tours, Jackson Square, plenty of shops. The weather should be reasonable too.

RusholmeRuffian Thu 19-Jan-17 07:54:34

If you want sun then the east coast is not ideal at that time of year and Florida would be your best bet. If you don't mind it not being hot then what about Boston, Philadelphia or Savannah?

BradleyPooper Mon 30-Jan-17 02:23:21

You won't get reliable sun outside of Florida at that time of year. I'm in S Texas and we can sit on the beach then but the sea is too cold until well into May. If you are thinking of Florida, take a look at Rosemary Beach. it's on the gulf not the pan handle, the Truman Show was filmed there, it's picture perfect. There is an outlet mall nearby, white sand beaches, super cute restaurants and bars. It's where Texas spends spring break so make sure you're not looking at those dates.

Personally I would go to New Orleans, my favourite US city ever. Take in jazz, history, cemetery tours, trip down the mississippi on a paddle steamer..... avoid mardi gras (40 days before easter) as you won't get near the place unless you're booking for 2018. Stay at the Monteleone, old school glam with a rooftop pool and revolving carousel bar .... eat boudin and crawfish at Mr B's opposite but book a table.

mummymeister Mon 30-Jan-17 08:14:09

Florida keys is lovely at any time of year. you could also do a day excursion into the everglades.

Zaor Mon 30-Jan-17 21:16:42

Thanks everyone, there are some great suggestions there. Have always fancied New Orleans and not overly pushed about the sun myself but I think the others may be. Florida and The Keys look amazing but I worried they might be too romantic for a gaggle of ladies. I will look into all your suggestions though and defo a few of us willing to drive so maybe a road trip would be good. We have our first organisation meeting next week to do a shortlist of destinations..

I've got 2 years to go and I'm excited already!!

BradleyPooper Tue 31-Jan-17 04:30:09

The keys are good, not too romantic, weather will be warm, watch out for strange festivals (friends went last summer and there was a strange fetish festival, fun to explain to the kids. Florida can be weird.....

Hire a couple of convertibles and drive to key west and back.

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