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3 Weeks in Thailand - Suggestions Please!

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MummyLovesVader Mon 02-Jan-17 23:19:52

Hi all, I will be taking my (nearly 5yo) son to Thailand for 3 weeks this April. (DH will be recharging his batteries elsewhere!).

I've already booked the flights (BA), and arrive BKK on 01/04 - but I have a complete blank page beyond that!

I'm thinking:
a) A 2-week organised tour of the usual sights - ideally with other families/solo parents, especially so my son has some company his age range.
b) Plus 1 week based in a smart-ish hotel with a decent kids club, so I can have some me-time/massages/gym etc. It would be great if this was based on the coast so I had the option to take him out for day trips to the islands/kayaking etc.

Key questions:
Any tour company recommendations that fit the above brief?
Any hotel/destination suggestions for the remaining week?
Any suggestions for must-do activities in Thailand for a 5 yo boy?!

Thanks in advance, MLV.

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