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Emirates infant baggage?

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dramalamma Thu 22-Dec-16 08:21:17

Hi all, I'm doing a super long haul flight next week on Emirates with my 4 month old. I've looked at the website and it says she has 10kg allowance plus "fully collapsible stroller, travel cot or car seat". I used to fly a lot when my other kids were babies and always got away with pushchair and car seat but I haven't flown with emirates before. Has anyone flown with them recently with an infant? Were they strict on one or the other or did you get away with both?
I'm not hiring a car there so don't really have another option except to bring her car seat.
Thanks in advance!

InTheDessert Thu 22-Dec-16 08:35:41

Are you sure the carseat will work at the other end (not hiring a car and needing a carseat means visiting family/friends??). I know for sure Australian carseats are totally different, and anchor differently, so you may not even be able to use your UK seat.
Have you looked at getting one piece in as your baggage?? Iirc, we got 32kg on Emirates, and I think 2 bags in economy.
Safe travels

dramalamma Thu 22-Dec-16 08:44:43

Yes visiting family and I've checked - the other kids are borrowing seats because of different requirements but this one is ok (and I'm more fussy about the baby's seat so I want to take my own! )
I should have space in my luggage but we're going to a wedding so we're bring quite a lot of stuff for that - if I don't have to out the car seat it would make my packing a but less pressured!

WhiskyAndTwiglets Thu 22-Dec-16 08:48:04

Emirates allow any number of pieces within the weight allowance. Have you checked what your allowance is (it has changed recently)?
But do you know anyone who can get hold of a car seat there for you? Much safer than risking it being thrown about by baggage handlers. Where I was an expat, there were always Facebook group messages asking to borrow seats/pushchairs/cots for visiting family bringing infants. There was a real community and we all both lent and borrowed things from people.
Emirates as a company have gone rather downhill recently. I fly with them lots. It used to be excellent and now only sometimes is. Long haul tends to be better though so you should be fine and they try and be nice to babies ☺
A low point in baggage was when I was bringing back a brand new heavy kitchen appliance still packed in original box, unopened. It had the weight printed on the side of the box. Emirates checkin argued it was incorrect 😂
Their excess fees are horrendous compared to BA, so if you are going to be over, pay extra in advance.

welshweasel Thu 22-Dec-16 08:51:42

I'm pretty sure they mean that you can take one on board. If you're putting it in the hold you can usually take a pushchair and car seat. I'd ring customer service and ask.

dramalamma Thu 22-Dec-16 09:24:18

Thanks whiskey- that helps to know they're not as good as they used to be! I could hire one there but the only person I could ask to arrange a borrow is the bride so don't really want to ask her so close to the wedding! But I have found a hire place so that's an option. Ive had my fair share of pushchairs broken by airlines when I was an expat so you make a good point.

dramalamma Thu 22-Dec-16 09:26:43

Welsh - I thought that too but it's quite clear about it being in cabin if there's space and otherwise in hold and it definitely says "or" not "and". I've never not go away with both but the wording is so clear it's got me worrying-- cos of course I need more things to worry about just before Xmas!--

Kirriemuir Thu 22-Dec-16 19:09:02

when we flew in June to Oz the people in front only got one piece. They had to pay for a second piece. I kind of overheard that because the family were all at max luggage they couldn't allow the second piece so may be if you are all well within and the second piece comes up to the max you will be OK?

It took them ages to sort the excess baggage.

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