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St James's Club, Antigua - soupdragon or anyone else?

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prufrock Mon 19-Feb-07 11:18:06

We are probably going to be going here for the summer (BIL has just resigned as GM of Carlisle Bay so we can't get the $50/night deal we were going to have there, and will not pay $20k for a 3 week holiday!)

But I need some help. How good is the kids club? Can you leave the kids (ours will be 3 & 5) there whilst you go off site - we arehoping to do some diving trips. I know they don't do babylistening like at Mark warner - is the resort small enough (we will be in a villa) to leave the kids asleep with a monitor on and go to dinner by ourselves? Or would we have to get a babysitter every night?

Thank you

boo64 Wed 21-Feb-07 21:37:43


I stayed there pre kids. It's ok. The Virgin Holidays rooms were nicer than the others back then but the latter might have been refurbed by now.

Can't comment on the kids club but it is quite spread out so I'm not sure a monitor would work!

Shame about the Carlisle Bay BIL leaving - what a blissful place to live. Hope for your sake he is moving to another equally lovely hotel

prufrock Wed 21-Feb-07 21:46:50

He is - Rawlins & Lemon Tree in St Kitts - he's going to make them into one big complex as opposed to the 2 plantation house hotels they are now. But they won't be child friendly by the summer. Next year though .

Caribbeanqueen Wed 21-Feb-07 21:52:22

Hi prufrock. We have stayed here a couple of times, but only for a few days at a time on the way to/from somewhere.

The kids' club is ok, I have seen a lot better. We never left dd there bu there were usually quite a few kids there. They seem to do a reasonable range of activities, but it's not somewhere I would particularly want to leave dd for any length of time.

I very much doubt a monitor would work, as the villas are quite a way from the restaurants. We used to either eat together quite early or dh would pop out and bring food back. Officially they say they don't do that but they can usually be talked into it - and even delivering it in a buggy as it's along way to walk balancing a tray of food

Shame about Carlisle Bay

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