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The Venetian Las Vegas

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triplets Fri 16-Feb-07 23:42:46

We are looking for 2 nights in Vegas in Aug with our trio, anyone stayed here?

littlemissnobody Sat 17-Feb-07 04:31:25

No, I stayed at Caesar's palace but would happily stay at the Venetian. Great location, nice hotel, good facilities. Go for it!

(and it has the only slot machines in Vegas that let me win anything. 5c I think!)

alipiggie Sat 17-Feb-07 05:07:08

I have friends getting married there in March and they're staying at The Stratosphere. How old are your three? It's not particularly Kid Friendly I'm informed.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 17-Feb-07 08:11:04

Location is good but some rooms are split level and thus not very big. They are certainly not suites.

Would suggest you read to get up to date reviews of the hotel along with photos of the hotel taken by visitors.

If you want a non smoking and non gaming facility I'd take a look at the MGM Signature.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 17-Feb-07 08:12:33

Also its extremely hot in August. Was 97 degrees c at 9.40am when I was there one August.

littlemissnobody Sat 17-Feb-07 14:55:48

Yes, the heat in August will be ridiculous. But a lot of things are indoors and everythingis airconditioned. We went in November and it was perfect weather. I think Vegas is quite kid friendly but many of the casinos are very smokey, there is obviously lots of booze and some slightly dodgy goings on... if you don't mind all that, there is quite a lot for families to do. I think it depends on the children's age.

triplets Sat 17-Feb-07 18:29:35

Hi all,
My three will be 9and a half by the time we go, we are touring for 4 weeks and its the obvious stop over between Yosemite and Grand Canyon, there is not a huge choice of routes! We have been to Vegas in 91 and 93 with our first born so know what to expect, the first time we went was in Aug, the second was in April. Its just to say the kids have seen it, you know it has a wow factor at night, and I think at their age it will be an experience, wouldn`t want to have taken them any younger! The other hotel we are thinking of is the Flamingo, we would have to have 2 rooms, its a good position, lot less $`s and has an excellent pool area.

littlemissnobody Sun 18-Feb-07 02:54:38

Am sure you'll all have a fab time!

Ivor Sun 18-Feb-07 03:03:32

If your taking little ones try the secret garden at the Mirage hotel, have a look here . Tad expensive but the kids will love it. Not sure if the tiger that took a chunk out of Roy's neck is still there, but his mates will be

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 18-Feb-07 09:19:24

Vegas has changed a lot since 1993 I can tell you! (mainly for the better but there is far more traffic on the Strip now).

Many of the casinos have non smoking areas and tables. As long as the children do not linger they can walk through the casino.

There is now a free monorail service that run along both sides of the Strip connecting the hotels; that should help you get around more easily as well.

Tripadvisor is good for up to date reviews on hotels.

Have a fab time!!.

triplets Sun 18-Feb-07 16:10:39

Thanks. We went to the secret garden in 93, it was ok, probably better now though. Still trying to decide on where to stay, I think its going to be between the Flamingo and the Venetian, better pool at the Flamingo.

Ivor Mon 19-Feb-07 17:49:10

I've just been watching a program about Vegas and they recommended this at Mandalaybay. Might be a tad more exciting that Sigfred and Roy's. Don't have any experiance of either the Venetian or the Flamingo, on our last visit we stayed at the sahara which is a little old and tired but was very cheap!
this link might also be useful for planning, the maps are very good.

copycat Thu 01-Mar-07 16:51:41

Hi triplets
I stayed at the Venetian over Easter 2003 with dh and 2 x ds who were 8 and 5 at the time. Like you we were touring California (San Francisco, Yosemite, San Diego and LA) and stayed 3 nights in Las Vegas in order to see the Grand Canyon. The room/suite we had at the Venetian was lovely - the boys shared the sofa bed in the lounge area which is down a step from the bedroom but all open plan. I'm not sure if you would be permitted to have 5 in a room though. Have you looked at The Rio which is an all suites hotel. It is a short distance off strip though.
dh and I returned to Las Vegas last September for his 40th and stayed at the Bellagio. We went to the Flamingo buffet one lunch time. As you are probably aware it is a different experience to the Venetian but seems to get reasobale reviews. Have you looked at the Fodors discussion forum for Nevada/Vegas? There is loads of great information there.

nikkid21 Fri 02-Mar-07 20:00:59

You may want to look at the Orleans hotel. It's a mile or so off strip but more family friendly than those on the strip. Has a 10 screen cinemas, 50 lane bowling alley, & pool that is shaded for most of the morning.
Also has a huge indoor play area / child care centre that you can leave the kids (up to age 9) in for a few hours while you are at the tables or a nice restaurant.
It's also much cheaper than on strip and the rooms are big. We stayed in September (leaving our two at home with grandad) but there were lot's of children there.
The venetian when we walked around it had quite a 'snooty old guy' vibe and I would not feel comfortable having kids there.

RTKangaMummy Fri 02-Mar-07 20:55:08

Whe we went in 2002 in March we stayed in MGM GRAND

DS was nearly 7

Alibobster Mon 12-Mar-07 16:11:30

Hi triplets

I'd thoroughly recommend the MGM Grand - fantastic pool area with lazy river for the kids, and also in a really great location. I've been in the venetian(although not seen the rooms) and that's also a fabulous hotel

MrsMills Mon 12-Mar-07 16:15:48

My brother now works as a bartender at the poolside bar in Mandalay Bay, say hello if you go there!

Bumblelion Mon 12-Mar-07 17:10:24

Just found out that my boyfriend is taking me to Las Vegas for my 40th (birthday in June) in 3 weeks as that is the only time we can organise for my ex-h to have the children (he has them the week leading up to Good Friday).

Boyfriend has been before, I haven't and am just so excited.

Staying in the Excalibur and cannot wait.

rookiemum Thu 15-Mar-07 11:43:47

I stayed there when on honeymoon. Our room was fine but it wasn't a separated suite as everyone has said.

I stayed in the MGM before and would say that The Venetian has a better location as its right in the middle.

Someone mentioned the Rio hotel, again it has a good location in the middle of the strip.

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 15-Mar-07 12:40:12

The Rio Hotel is not on the Strip (i.e Las Vegas Boulevard South); its off to the left of it.

Its a popular place with the locals.

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