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Malaysia personal chef/guide help !

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Divorcingjack Sat 03-Dec-16 08:34:19

Hi all,

Bit of an odd one for you all. My parents love to travel but my dad has recently been diagnosed with liver trouble and has been put on a virtually no salt diet. As you can imagine, travelling is now a nightmare as there is no way of guaranteeing what goes into restaurant food, and requests for no seasoning are frequently ignored.

So, my mum is really upset about the prospect of not being able to travel extensively again and was planning a trip to malaysia when this all came about. I thought it would be nice for Christmas if I could possibly find out about the idea of hiring a personal chef for them. I'm aware it sounds extravagant, but we'd offset the cost against eating out and I'm willing to fund it for them.

The problem is that I have literally no idea where to start - so, does anyone have any experience or local contacts in Malaysia - tour guides, helpful locals etc.


TheFirie Mon 05-Dec-16 06:05:13

You will find and receive more answers in the Living overseas board . call for help from anyone in Malaysia.

ImNotChangingMyUsernameAgain Sat 14-Jan-17 20:45:39

If you have a really big budget most high end hotels will provide special meals to cope with dietary needs. Four Seasons is especially good at this and their hotel in Langkawi is amazing.

TheGonnagle Sat 14-Jan-17 20:49:27

If you haven't decided where to go in Malaysia then there's a fantastic hotel on the East coast called Tanjong Jara. They have a restaurant there with no menu where the chef chats with you about what's come from the market today and how would you like it cooked. She's fab and I'm are would be able to do you plenty of tasty non salty things.
Other than that, so long as you stay high end you should be fine, the chefs will tailor everything for you.
Where were you looking at area wise? Penang? KL? Langkawi?

southchinasea Sat 14-Jan-17 21:00:17

Tanjong jara is lovely. You could also look at tiger rock, off pangkor island, owned by a family with their own cook who could personalise the food to your needs. Contact rebecca ducket Wilkinson. Also Bon ton/ temple tree on langkawi, gorgeous food and I'm sure if you emailed owner Narelle she could again tailor the food accordingly.

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