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Family holiday ideas with 2 x under 3

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mummymeister Fri 02-Dec-16 13:09:35

Crete was lovely we really enjoyed it. basically its a holiday for you rather than them when they are so small so I would pick somewhere that gives you what you want.

mouldycheesefan Wed 30-Nov-16 18:40:09

If you want great kids facilities and some down time for yourselves I would recommend neilsons BUT the other guests will be middle class British types, and depending on which resort you choose there may not be a lot of local culture. Lemnos though is good for local life.
Majorca with a stop in Palma.
Or Mauritius if you don't mind long haul with little kids.

Shadowboy Wed 30-Nov-16 18:37:16

We would like to book our 2017 summer holiday. It would be early July. We like beaches but also like culture.

We've already done:
Middle East (various)

We have two children who in July will be aged 2.5 years and 9 months
So we need locations that may have things for kids to do. 7-10 day holiday. All inclusive or half board.
£2500-£3000 budget.

Not sure where to go that's not too 'brits away from home'?

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