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ticklemyonewhisker Sat 12-Nov-16 21:56:39

Has anyone been to Toronto? We've got a 2 and 4 year old and want to go Easter 2017.

Would anyone recommend it as a kid friendly city break? Will it be warmish? Obviously we'd want to go on the beach but we don't mind doing it fully clothed to be honest!

Any other places to go e.g. Zoo, day trip to niagara?

userformallyknownasuser1475360 Sat 12-Nov-16 21:59:34

Biafra was good, although there are a lot of arcades etc. I can remember there being a science museum which I thought would be good for kids.

On Yonge street there were two cheap restaurants great eggspectations (egg based) and don't walks pasta place - both very good.

ticklemyonewhisker Sat 12-Nov-16 22:02:42

Thanks. Did you like Toronto and would you go again?

userformallyknownasuser1475360 Sat 12-Nov-16 22:09:13

Not sure, wasn't there with kids, was on honeymoon, we went Toronto Biafra niagra and New York. Think I would have spent longer in NY tbh

AppleMagic Sat 12-Nov-16 22:13:01

We were in Niagara/Toronto over the Summer with a 4 and 2 year old. We went to the aquarium, the CN tower, the natural history museum and the Ontario science museum. The first two had horrendous queues, even for those with pre-booked tickets and all bar the natural history were very over crowded. We couldn't get near the exhibits in the science museum because of summer camp trip kids. It would be worth planning visits for quiet times not peak times (after 3pm avoids school trip issues for example).

We went to the Candian side of Niagara and stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge resort which was cheesy but really child orientated. We didn't really do any of the activities at Niagara because we weren't sure they'd be value for money (and also had long queues) but the views of the falls were great and we walked along the "front" for a bit and were glad we'd seen it.

OllyBJolly Sat 12-Nov-16 22:18:53

My family live in Toronto do visited lots of times when DCs were young.

Science centre is great! Is a very calm place particularly suited for young kids. Nice beaches too. Council ferry much cheaper than water taxis

Canadas wonderland has lots for tinies

Black Creek Pioneer Village is good with activities

There are lots of soft plays etc in malls etc . Look for Chuck E Cheese. Woodbine Mall is great - entire funfair with giant soft play

Zoo is very good

oobedobe Sun 13-Nov-16 23:39:24

You have had some good advice on places to go etc, plenty to do for kids.
CN tower, aquarium, Centre Island, science centre, Niagara falls (about 1.30hr drive from Toronto) has lots for kids too.

But the weather in March/April is still pretty cold (think full winter coats, hats, mitts - it could snow), it doesn't warm up until late May. On the plus side attractions will be less busy than the summer.

June would be your best bet, before the schools break up and weather gets nice and sunny. Also there is a lot more going on in the summer months, events, festivals etc

Kez100 Sat 11-Mar-17 10:27:42

We are just back and you may have made your decision now so ask away if you have any questions. We went very much out of season and cold, but quiet!

We used the citypass for visits to aquarium, museum, casa loma and cntower. The zoo or science centre was also included but we didn't have time to get there.

Given our exchange rate it's not a cheap city, with tips it feels a little more expensive than here. However our holiday deal through Canadian Affair was very good.

The people of Canada are really friendly. I'd love to go back.

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