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porridgeandwasp Sun 06-Nov-16 08:43:53

Currently planning a family holiday to Tulum around February half term with DH, DS1 (11) and DS2 (7).

We are not fans of hotels for lots of reasons, the main one being cost! I just can not seem to find any self catering properties actually on the beach at Tulum, only hotels.

Do self catering villas / units exist on Tulum beach for around £200 a night? Or do we need to stay in Tulum itself?

Can anyone recommend accommodation which might suit us?


porridgeandwasp Sun 06-Nov-16 08:46:08

Errrr, obviously title should read TULUM not feking TULIP!!

ChittyBB Sun 06-Nov-16 08:51:04

We stayed in a villa here and it was pure heaven:

poxyproxy Sun 06-Nov-16 08:54:16

We were in Tulum this summer. I'd definitely choose the beach area over the town.
It seemed to be mostly eco retreat type hotels but several of them have villas attached to the hotels.

Be aware that quite a few places describe themselves as Tulum when they're some distance away.

Tulum is gorgeous BTW

ChittyBB Sun 06-Nov-16 08:56:35

Sorry, just realised that out of your price range. The same site has some cheaper options like cabanas but not self catering:

porridgeandwasp Sun 06-Nov-16 09:54:42

Cabanas La Luna looks ideal! I've emailed them to check availability but I have a feeling they might be fully booked as nothing is coming up on their site.

So if anyone else has any other recommendations they would be gratefully received....

Igletpiglet Sun 17-Sep-17 23:14:22

Any joy anyone through I-escapes?

motheroftwoboys Thu 05-Oct-17 12:33:07

We were on Riviera Maya last December and spent a couple of days on Akumal beach which is not far from Tulum. There were some villas to rent there but quite pricy i think. So many hotels you would probably get a better price on a package. Very beautiful area.

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