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Flying 15 hours with an 18 month old baby, Any advice

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Yazzy23 Wed 02-Nov-16 13:53:43

Hey everyone

I am due to fly to Manila in February with my daughter who will be about 18 months old at the time,

My partner is flying before me to get things sorted out there like health insurance etc, I am dreading going on a plane for 15 hours.

She is a very hyper baby and she screams when she is confined into a small space and she is very hyper.

I spoke to the GP and they said there is nothing you can do in terms of medicine to calm her down.

What would you recommend ?


Kirriemuir Wed 02-Nov-16 21:53:32

Nothing other than buy her own seat and hope for the best.

Charlottann Wed 02-Nov-16 22:29:43

Piriton syrup (chlorphenamine maleate) can be given to her at that age. A pharmacist told me it is great even for a sniffly nose/colds etc though it is usually for allergy. The side effect being that it can cause drowsiness. It is generally a bad approach to medicate if she does not need it though! Hope she surprises you and gives you an uneventful trip wink

allthatnonsense Wed 02-Nov-16 22:35:53

Lots of (little) different things to distract/entertain. Ideally new to your baby and slightly adult looking. E.g. Egg timer.
Mini books. Raisins etc.

EvansAndThePrince Wed 02-Nov-16 22:36:09

Hmm see flying with a baby is okay but at 18 months they're full blown toddlers. Mine is 19m now and I I had to fly with her last month I'd have taken books and snacks and crayons...erm...well I'd have cried grin sorry, not helpful.

DearMrDilkington Wed 02-Nov-16 22:38:45

Definitely get a seat for her - window seat over aisle if possible(I feel you get more privacy). Would she wear some headphones? If so I'd take a portable Dvd player for her. Take a favourite blanket, maybe one of those animal teddies that turn into a pillow.

I wouldn't give her any medicine personally. Take some in case her ears get sore on the plane though.

15hrs is obviously quite a difference but it will be ok.

whirlwinds Wed 02-Nov-16 22:41:07

I took toys, books, markers, crayons, colouring books, tablet loaded with movies(kids headset) and easy games, soft travel pillow and cuddle blanket: Distraction every step of the way, looking at clouds and skylines, snacks and drinks ready, encourage quiet play, bring out a couple of small things at a time, rotate between the different things after awhile, comfort and encourage small naps. Our trip was 9 hours, long enough but went well 😉

DearMrDilkington Wed 02-Nov-16 22:42:01

It meant to say I've flown 9 1/2hrs with a very active 9month and it was fine above the last sentence, not sure where it wenthmm.

poisonedbypen Wed 02-Nov-16 22:47:58

We flew to Oz with ours when they were 6, 3 & 15 months & lived to tell the tale. Lots of books, snacks & distractions. Looking back, we must have been mad, but it was fine. The youngest didn't have a seat, that never occurred to us. We did have a bulkhead seat with a bassinet but it wasn't really big enough.

ChipIn Wed 30-Nov-16 12:50:53

I'm a bit late to the party here OP, but do you have a baby carrier? I always use one instead of a pram anyway but have bought a ring sling specially for our Aus to uk trip next week with 1 year old. Saves achy arms if baby won't sleep but wants to be walked around and comfy to sit down if she falls asleep in it.

I too am worried about having enough distractions for the times she's full of beans though!

CobsAhoy Wed 30-Nov-16 20:26:24

I've got a 12hr flight with a 14month old looming in the next couple of weeks, she hasn't got her own seat and I am dreading it!!!! What was I thinking doing a long haul holiday at this point?!??!

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