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Sri-Lanka experts; family friendly travel agent specialising in Sri Lanka?

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Justwanttowooinpeace Mon 31-Oct-16 20:39:29

Try as well might I can't find the thread on here that raved about a travel company that specialised in family holidays in Sri Lanka.

Ring any bells?

We want to take our 3.5yo in Feb for a couple of weeks and fancied a combo of a villa and then a bit of a private tour with a driver. So we need some help organising it.

If anyone can recommend a company they used I'd be very grateful.


TrickyD Tue 01-Nov-16 00:19:03

I can't help with the thread you are looking for, sorry, but we found Travelbag were good when we went with them in April. We found our own driver, following a friend's recommendation if you are interested. He was excellent.
Why not start by looking at the Sri Lanka Discussion forum on Trip Advisor? There are plenty of experienced people there to help.
We loved SriLanka, by the way!

Justwanttowooinpeace Tue 01-Nov-16 08:21:45


Yes the only thing we really need help for is a driver recommendation.

We went years ago and our driver was too pushy about his mates restaurants / shops etc, it spoilt the trip.

If you could pm me the details I'd really appreciate it.


TrickyD Tue 01-Nov-16 09:56:34

Have sent a pm.

mummymeister Tue 01-Nov-16 14:55:09

would you always advise a driver TrickyD? we self drove in Belize and have been thinking of driving ourselves in Sri Lanka as we are a large family. have read all the issues about the roads and have also driven in Indonesia as well so pretty relaxed about it. just wanted to know if it was a completely no no or not.

TrickyD Tue 01-Nov-16 15:22:13

If you are brave and are used to that sort of driving where any normal system of priorities at junctions is nonexistant and suicidal tuktuks dive in and out everywhere, you could be OK. It helps as far as safety is concerned that the roads are pretty narrow and bendy so there is not much speeding. We were told that the rule of thumb for calculating travel times is 20 miles per hour, so somewhere which looks reasonably close on the map takes a long time to get to.
It is so cheap to have a driver I don't think driving yourself is worth the stress. I have been looking for the emails from our excellent driver giving his charges but can't find it, will keep on searching.
If your family needs rest and refreshment stops your driver knows where to go, you are notbat the mercy of randomness.Sena was very good at doing what we wanted and not taking us to his pals' rip off joints. His Facebook page is Senatours SL.

TrickyD Tue 01-Nov-16 15:25:39

Sorry that's Senatours LK, not SL.

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