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Adelaide great ocean road and Sydney!!

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HarrogateMum Sat 29-Oct-16 10:19:40

Dh is an aussie and we haven't visited his family over there for 8 yrs. We've booked to go next year in kids summer hols so it will be winter in aus. As our kids are more of an age to appreciate things (they will be 12,12 & 10) we are going to visit more places than just staying in one place.

We are visiting his sister in Perth first then going to adelaide for 3 nights before driving great ocean road through to Melbourne. Dh and I have done it before but staying in caravans in our early twenties!! If anyone has done the Gor with kids do you have any recommendations for good stops along the way? Also as a family of five we always struggle to find suitable accommodation so any recommendations for that too gratefully received!!

We have family in Perth Melbourne and Brisbane but also will need accommodation in Sydney for 5. Hoping some aussie aficionados can help.... Many thanks!!!

HarrogateMum Mon 31-Oct-16 18:51:05

Er no one?!?!

Stuffofawesome Mon 31-Oct-16 19:02:32

Lorne is very popular, Wye River and Kennett River nice too. Stayed in cabin type place is Lorne once but cant remember name (sorry not much help!) don't know any specific accommodation to recommend but it gets booked up even off season so look early. My dad had a place at Grey River when we were kids and in winter we just used to get on the beach in our wellies (gumboots) or walk up the creek heading inland.

things to see inc Otway lighthouse, twelve apostles, waterfalls just inland. As you get into Melbourne Williamstown is nice. Hope someone more helpful arrives soon.

madamy Mon 14-Nov-16 22:24:06

We've just booked an en-suite family room at the Sydney Harbour YHA for next April - not sure if that's your thing or not! As a family of 5 with similar aged children, it was by far the cheapest, allows us to be flexible with self catering eg breakfasts and has the most fabulous view of the bridge and opera house.

OttoTheOnly Mon 14-Nov-16 22:47:08

I think most of the Great Ocean Road is pretty dull and boring - a long portion of the route is nowhere near the sea and very generic. I'm a displaced Kiwi, where we have lots of amazing vistas and roads along the water, so my view may be skewed on how great it is.
When we did it we went the reverse direction, so stopped in Torquay, Lorne, Otway National Park (saw loads of koalas here, which my kids loved), then the 12 Apostles, Port Fairy, Portland and on to Adelaide.

In Sydney I'd look at Meriton apartments or similar as they're well priced and suitable for families. We use them as I prefer to have kitchen facilities to prepare food in if needed.

HardcoreLadyType Mon 14-Nov-16 23:04:47

Port Fairy is lovely.

I used to stay at Wye River every Christmas - some friends had a band and they used to play there.

There's lots to see near Port Campbell - the twelve apostles, what used to be the London Bridge, the Loch Ard Gorge.

Although I am Victorian, born and bred, I am inclined to agree with Otto. I don't really think "great" is apt, having driven various other far more spectacular ocean roads, in other parts of the world. But there are lovely beaches, and beautiful forest. The Otway Fly is quite fun to do, and there's lovely walks in the Angahook national park (where I used to camp as a girl guide).

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