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Britain to Canada without using plane or cruise liner - any ideas?

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fruitful Fri 09-Feb-07 17:55:17

My friend, who lives in Britain and is retired (plenty of time) and comfortably off (but not rich) wants to visit her son in Canada. She doesn't want to go by plane, nor does she want a posh expensive 'cruise'. She is quite adventurous.

Any ideas?

mosschops30 Fri 09-Feb-07 18:00:38

she could go on a cargo ship as a passenger (I think they like you to help out a bit)

or swim

Gingerbear Fri 09-Feb-07 18:04:13

Hot air balloon?

Gingerbear Fri 09-Feb-07 18:04:35

Fishing boat?

FluffyMummy123 Fri 09-Feb-07 18:04:54

Message withdrawn

Gingerbear Fri 09-Feb-07 18:06:03

train across Europe/Russia then cargo ship from Vladivostok to Alaska, then husky sled to Canada?

Get her to call Michael palin

Gingerbear Fri 09-Feb-07 18:06:36

snap cod!

Tutter Fri 09-Feb-07 18:06:38

lol at swim

fruitful Fri 09-Feb-07 18:08:40

Right, have found a website for booking passengers on cargo ships.

Now, train across Russia?

Husky sled - that she would like!

Tutter Fri 09-Feb-07 18:10:18

crossing the atlantic by tall ship?

Ladymuck Fri 09-Feb-07 18:10:37

If she is going to do the Russia route then the time of year will be a significant factor.

Gingerbear Fri 09-Feb-07 18:12:08

By motorbike with Ewan McGregor.

Skribble Fri 09-Feb-07 18:19:11

Website dedicated to travelers not wanting to fly

fruitful Fri 09-Feb-07 18:29:20

That site looks good Skribble. Except their recommendation for UK-Canada is the QE2. But they've got useful info on how to get by train to and across Russia.

But it seems there are no easy ways to get from Russia to Alaska.

tribpot Fri 09-Feb-07 18:33:40

God, would love to do UK to China on the Trans-Siberian. Not with ds mind you, imagine trying to keep a 19-month occupied on that kind of journey

A copy of this might be of use?

fruitful Fri 09-Feb-07 18:37:34

Mmm, I suspect that cargo ship will be the best option. As long as they didn't throw her overboard on the way. You know the poem "When I am an old woman I shall wear purple"? That's my friend...

The train journey does sound more interesting though.

tribpot Fri 09-Feb-07 18:37:52

List of ports for passenger-carrying freight ships . Which side of Canada does she want to be on?

wotzsaname Fri 09-Feb-07 18:39:29

go as an air courier (personal packages) and do a few drops. Remembering a Simpson episode with Bart. LOL

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