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wobblywonderwoman Mon 24-Oct-16 22:03:58


Blu Mon 24-Oct-16 22:03:18

Be careful of what?

There is little in Mauritius that you wouldn't be equally careful of when out and about in the UK .

Except sunburn, heat stroke, maybe wear plastic shoes where the beach is corally, and take care if you drive at night; some drivers are loony, and they have deep irrigation / drainage ditches alongside the unlit roads.

Don't feed wild monkeys,

And if a beach operator of water sports looks dodgy think twice .

Mauritisnd are mostly friendly helpful hospitable people.

wobblywonderwoman Mon 24-Oct-16 21:56:33

Just be careful in Mauritius

Sweetdisposition91 Mon 24-Oct-16 21:53:43

Thank you so much for your post!

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Blu Thu 20-Oct-16 08:40:04

Belle Mar is a truly beautiful beach.
Good excursions;
The Black River Gorge National park, viewpoints, Chamarel Falls, the temple with it's lake and enormous statues at Grand Bassin (be sure to go up the hill to the top part of the temple for extraordinary views).
You can get speedboat trips to other parts of the island , Isle aux Cerfs and Rivière Sud Oest, there is a fabulous zip lining place inland, terre or terroir something, closer to the East coast than some of the others.

Do try local snacks in markets and towns : little samosas , gateaux piment, various rotis. They cost pennies.

Excursions can be v expensive , as can hiring a taxi for the day . Car hire from a local company can be quite inexpensive . Set out early.

Sweetdisposition91 Thu 20-Oct-16 08:27:04

I know there was another thread on Mauritius but didn't want to hijack it!
Me and my boyfriend and another couple are going Mauritius over Christmas and new year 2 weeks all inclusive.
We are staying on belle mare... does anyone know of some good places to visit or any good excursions to go on?
Also how much spending money per couple? Would a minimum of £1200 be enough?
Thank you!

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