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sqwerty Thu 08-Feb-07 10:15:05

We are looking to spend christmas in australia with family this year, just started looking at flights.
When is the cheapest time of year to book?
It will be 2 adults and a 2 and 3 year old, the cheapest im finding at the minute is still over 4 grand!
ANy tips anyone?

sqwerty Thu 08-Feb-07 10:15:31

will fly from manchester to perth

KiwiEs Thu 08-Feb-07 10:32:00

We spent Christmas last year in NZ with family and found that (if you are flexible) the cheapest way to do it was to have most of our time there before Christmas. We left the UK on the 8th of December because according to the travel agent flights went up by several hundred pounds on the 9th when Christmas prices started (I guess this may vary each year?)
Also flying on a week day is usually cheaper than a Saturday or Sunday...
And look around (I'm sure you are) - I just booked to go over for my sisters wedding in September and opodo had the cheapest price I could find - cheaper than booking the same flights with the airline directly (and £200 cheaper than the cheapest price the travel agent had).
Hope that helps...

janinlondon Thu 08-Feb-07 11:44:31

Try the specialist Oz agents (Travelmood, Austravel, Bridge the World, Trailfinders, STA, Flight Centre). They often have a price match guarantee. Having said that, Christmas is peak of peaks, and you will pay for it. Before 9 December is cheaper as mentioned below, but you may find at this stage that there are no seats on flights in December - they book backwards from 9 Decemmber and fill up very fast. The other option is to travel on Christmas Day itself. You wouldn't be in Oz for Christmas, but it is often cheaper to do it that way.

BouncyTigger Thu 08-Feb-07 14:21:07

Looked last night to fly to Sydney, for me, dh and dd (2), found flights for £2100 with Singapore on the 5th Dec, their last day for cheaper tickets. Gulf Air was cheaper and you could fly later, but not sure how good they are.

hitchcock Thu 08-Feb-07 14:55:11

gulf air has a sky nanny which is ment to be brilliant

hitchcock Thu 08-Feb-07 14:59:47

i am going to perth in june and tryed all the oz specialist and found the cheapest flights were booking with singapore direct the difference between £50-100 so for me its booking direct.
my flights are coming up as £1850.00
and thats for 2 adults 1child 1 infant think ds price is £300 and dd is £160

hope that helps

Issymum Thu 08-Feb-07 15:08:24

Top tip? Book now! Right now! We've just booked for Christmas and the cheapest flights go extremely quickly. Also as others have said, have a think about when you want to go. We're stuck with school holiday schedules but even then the price with Singapore Airlines on the 14th December was £500 per person more than the price on the 13th.

We used Travelbag ( and specifically Stephen Moloney who was excellent. You can email him - first name.last name

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