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good to say about BA longhaul

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hitchcock Thu 08-Feb-07 15:43:18

thanks everyone

going with SA
hopefully they are as good as everyone says

sideways Thu 08-Feb-07 12:04:25

Check out the other thread on the huge rates they are going to charge for extra luggage.

dejags Thu 08-Feb-07 12:02:57

Another one for Singapore.

BA long-haul are ok but expect to "get what you are given" what I mean is that they offer nothing extra.

Hulan Thu 08-Feb-07 11:57:44

Have flown with BA on four occassions to SA and back. Excellent service! Last two occassions had DS with and they were brill. Only problem was they never, ever, ever booked both special meals. Only one ALL THE TIME. But I forgive them because the way they treated us totally made up for the food (or lack thereof)

janinlondon Thu 08-Feb-07 11:46:03

Second what the others have said here - Singapore wins over BA every time.

hitchcock Thu 08-Feb-07 08:47:06

going in june and the price between sa and ba is £200 so dont think its worth the price that ba is charging sa is cheaper what is your wxperience of flying with sa?

nearlyfourbob Thu 08-Feb-07 03:49:52

Have flown BA (code share Qantas)from NZ to Manchester - would never do it again for so many reasons. Ds was 5 months old.

Am going back in July and am spending considerably more to go with Singapore because they just have to be better (due to the fact that it would be impossible to be worse.)

eidsvold Thu 08-Feb-07 03:32:45

never flown ba but have never heard a good thing about them from plenty of others who have.

For us - all of our long haul trips to Aus were with Singapore - cannot rate them highly enough.

Other parents have also rated emirates and malaysian.

fwiw - singapore as one of the largest if not the largest seat pitches in economy of all the airlines.

sibble Thu 08-Feb-07 03:24:11

I would fly Singapore too, sorry another thumbs down for BA here too.

SittingBull Thu 08-Feb-07 03:18:27

Message withdrawn

mamama Thu 08-Feb-07 03:02:56

I travelled alone with 4 month old DS on BA (USA to UK and back). They were GREAT! I was able to preboard, which made getting on the plane an awful lot easier, given that I had my handbag, nappy bag, DS, & carseat. I bought DS a seat, but they still allowed me to sit in the bulkhead and provided a cot for him to sleep in (he didn't like it, but he's fussy!). The aircrew were really helpful and I would go out of my way to fly with them again.


hitchcock Wed 07-Feb-07 21:09:33

has anyone got anything good to say about ba as going to perth in june and i am thinking of using ba. any one got good to say how where they with infants and children especially very young children

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