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MrsSpoon Wed 07-Feb-07 16:42:21

Bit of a nosey question really. I have just become aware of Condos (heard the name but never really thought about what they are) and was quite impressed. From what I have learned they are a self-catering apartment but in a complex with hotel facilities. IMO probably the perfect holiday solution.

However having looked at some for rent online (Orlando area) they are quite expensive. Do people really pay out $120 to $200 a night to stay in a condo? Are they really quite popular?

MrsSpoon Wed 07-Feb-07 17:11:01


JanH Wed 07-Feb-07 17:15:01

Condominium explanation from wiki for you, MrsS.

Doesn't help with your question but I've never been sure of the diff between a condo and an apt!

themildmanneredjanitor Wed 07-Feb-07 17:16:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsSpoon Wed 07-Feb-07 17:20:12

JanH, that's interesting, think the difference is the co-ownership thing. The ones I have been looking at on-line also have them name of Condotels, as they are a mix of an apartment and a hotel.

Are they popular? I suppose is my question.

JanH Wed 07-Feb-07 17:21:22

Condos can be on more than one floor but they're not maisonettes - it's just a legal/ownership distinction, the wiki thing says you can have a condo which is an actual house on its own.

JanH Wed 07-Feb-07 17:23:39

That's the bit I can't help with, MrS!

Some here , all over the US, huge range of prices.

MrsSpoon Wed 07-Feb-07 17:32:32

Thanks JanH, starting to get somewhere with my research now.

Oati Wed 07-Feb-07 17:42:18

we have stayed at the \link{ Bay} twice (2004 and 2006) We booked a package through Virgin

Our kids are 7 nd 5 - it's a great place fr a family holiday

Oati Wed 07-Feb-07 17:42:39

we have stayed at the Bahama Bay twice (2004 and 2006) We booked a package through Virgin

Our kids are 7 nd 5 - it's a great place fr a family holiday

MrsSpoon Wed 07-Feb-07 17:51:12

Wow, Oati, that looks fantastic. Looks like they have lots of bookings and great feedback from previous customers.

Thanks for that link, very helpful.

Oati Wed 07-Feb-07 17:54:09

try googling - there's loads of info on the Bahama Bay.

There are also loads of similar type developments around Orlando.

We found it in the Virgin holiday brochure and as I said, we enjoyed it so much the first time that we went back 2 yrs later

Oati Wed 07-Feb-07 17:56:29


uwila Wed 07-Feb-07 18:01:30

I believe a condo (condominum) is an apartment that you own rather than rent.

Tamz77 Thu 08-Feb-07 06:15:40

I think you must have been looking at v large condos to get a price of two hundred dollars a night, I'm staying in a 3 bed at Windsor Hills over spring break for 350 pounds for seven nights, and you can get them much cheaper than that.

Can't do links but has loads of condos you can book direct with the owner. just do a search for east coast US.

I booked my holiday in pieces iykwim, condo through traveloptionsdirect and flights separately. Can work out cheaper that way.

Earlybird Thu 08-Feb-07 06:42:23

A condo, as I know it, is as Uwila describes. Think of it as the same thing as a flat that can be rented out. Afaik, the main definition of a condo is legal in that the owner of a condo is able to rent it out under conditions determined by the owner/renter without having to seek/gain approval from others in the building/complex.

Co-ops are also owned flats too, but the owners are part of an association that requires an interview for approval to buy, submission of financial details before you are allowed to buy, and that have strict rules regarding how/when/to whom/for how long an apartment can be rented out.

expatinengland Thu 22-Feb-07 12:39:04

I'm an American and just came across this thread, so hope I can help out. Basically the term 'condo' is a legal term which means a residence that a person owns, as opposed to an 'apt' which in the US means you're paying rent each month and have no equity in the property. Also, when owning a condo, you own the space inside and are responsible for that maintenance/upkeep yourself. However, items on the exterior (roof, external paint, windows, common area/landscape) are jointly owned by all members of that particular condo association. For example, your monthly mortgage payment might be $1,200 and you would also have a condo fee of maybe $300 per month.

Again, 'condo' legally has meaning for the owner, but as a rental vacation property, I imagine you don't really care what it's called, and are only concerned with the amenities. Unfortunately, 'condo' is a catch-all phrase much of the time. Beware that there's no 'exact' definition that states a condo must have....a pool, spa or whatever.

Always ask what amenities that particular condo has, and get this in writing. Price would vary based on location, amenities, age of building, etc. For example, renting a condo in the US would almost always mean having a dishwasher, washer, dryer (tumble dryer as you say), a/c, and fully-equipped kitchen, but make sure. Also, make sure it has a pool if that's important and find out what floor the particular condo you're renting is on. (Might be a high-rise which would almost certainly be required to have a lift..these are most likely in urban areas like Miami Beach, NYC, or Boston. Or it might be a 'garden' style..with one - 3 floors and no lift..most common around suburbs and the Orlando area and wouldn't have a lift...important if you had little ones in a pushchair or whatever...

Good luck

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