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Whos booking a cruise for next year then? if anyone???

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Biglips Wed 07-Feb-07 11:26:12

as me and dp are hoping to go on our 2nd cruise with 2 kids - DD will be 3.5yrs old and SD will be 9 yrs old and Dp's sister too.

Last time we went it was just me and dp and i was 6m pg and went on the Canary Islands cruise for 11 nights - it was fab.

Where are you going next year and is there such a thing for kids to go free or half price??

Biglips Wed 07-Feb-07 11:27:09

we got a bargain thru "Travel shop" on the teletext.

Biglips Wed 07-Feb-07 16:55:35

i just like to know if anyone else got a bargain and where

Biglips Wed 07-Feb-07 18:51:44


Biglips Wed 07-Feb-07 19:01:34

will the kids be separated at the play areas on the ship?? as im not worried about my daughter but its my SD who is very painfully shy

PeachyClair Wed 07-Feb-07 19:17:47

We were supposed to be going to a cruise seminar tonight (albeit for 3 years time, our tenth anniversary) but skiping due to weather.

Went on one for ur honeymoon- fab, we went from tenerfie to Morocco (a day each in Agadir and Casablanca) via Madeira, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

We got a deal just by keeping an eye on the travel agents window.

Biglips Wed 07-Feb-07 21:51:49

ooh which ship did u go with? as we went with P&O cruises

Biglips Thu 08-Feb-07 09:27:12


NannyL Thu 08-Feb-07 15:42:31

im off on friday for a carribean cruise on P&Os oceana!

the past 2 summers ive been to the baltic and to the arctic on aurora

Biglips Thu 08-Feb-07 16:26:02

...i wanna go NOW!!!!

we went on the Oceana too around the canary islands - it was awesome!!

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