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12 Days in Orlando, advice please :)

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TravelFan Sat 01-Oct-16 10:30:41


I'm travelling 18-30 October with 2 teenagers (17).

We're staying centrally on i-Drive, no car (and no intention to hire one).

The teens intend to do the parks and we have purchased a 7 day pass for Disney/Universal and if they want to do any other parks they will pay the daily admission charge.

My questions are;

1. What is the best method for them to travel to the parks independently?

2. Which is the best Mall/Outlet for A&F, Hollister, Hilfiger, Timberland etc?

3. How much cash should I give them for their daily budget, drinks, snacks (no main meals, we have hotel breakfast and they'll return to have dinner with me).

4. Is it worth buying fast passes?

5. How safe will they be? They're both sensible!

6. What would be your absolute "must do", one has been before (aged 8) and it's the other's first time.

7. Is there anywhere I can indulge in some spa treatment around i-Drive?

Many thanks for reading and hopefully answering!

FuckYouTrimmings Sat 01-Oct-16 10:35:51

They can use the iride trolley to go up and down International Drive. It doesn't go right to Universal if I remember correctly but it does go fairly close.

I don't know about transport to the different Disney parks. We hired a car. I think there are buses from some of the idrive hotels. Which one are you staying at?

FuckYouTrimmings Sat 01-Oct-16 10:39:25

Vineland Premium Outlets would be a good one for them to go to. It's close to idrive.

TravelFan Sat 01-Oct-16 14:04:53

Thanks, we've used the i-ride before so that's handy.

Vineland has about 50% of the stores they want to go to, do you recommend any others?

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