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Travelling with 23 month old twins should we book seats??

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yeahyeah Tue 06-Feb-07 14:19:24

We are travelling to the US in May with nearly two year old you think if we don't pay for seats for the kids we might end up getting them anyway? I've heard this often would cost us £500 more to buy seats for them, seems silly if we might end up with them anyway. But terrified of us having to actually spend a whole flight with them on our laps. It's American airlines, to a not very busy destination, so don't think plane will be full...does anyone have any advice? I bet you are all glad you're not me! Thanks a lot

Notquitesotiredmum Tue 06-Feb-07 14:23:47

No experience of US flights, but can you go through the process of booking online and see how many seats are left?

Or consider getting one seat for them to share - ie a couple of hours at a time each, to give your laps a rest?

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 06-Feb-07 14:32:07

Under two's do not usually get their own seat unless its been paid for in advance. If there is no pre-paid seat each child will have to remain on a parent's lap for the duration of the flight. Would not like to leave to chance there perhaps being a empty seat next to you for the flight in either direction.

Each child will in any event have to be on a parent's lap for both take off and landing. You will be provided with a seat belt for this purpose.

LaylaandSethsmum Tue 06-Feb-07 14:33:23

Most airlines charge for kids age 2 and over so if they turn 2 while you are away they will have to have their own seats anyway.

Kelly1978 Tue 06-Feb-07 14:37:11

I've been on about 6 flights with the dts, I've always got seats for them, without paying. Because of the limited number of oxygen masks for infants, you have to sit seperately from your partner, and we have two older kids as well, so it was easier to give us two rows of three for all of us. Not sure if you would get the same or not, it is a gamble. But I've found that mine aren't event aht keen on sitting in their own seats, and I'm not actually much looking fw to having to make them sit in their own seats with a belt on this year, as they will be 2.5 when we go away.

sideways Tue 06-Feb-07 14:39:54

If they are 2 when they return, the airline has to give them a seat free of charge for that part of the journey.

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