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Where do you start/how do you research a holiday to America?

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Yoarchie Wed 28-Sep-16 20:28:33

So...have dc 10&8, not experienced travellers at all, only holiday outside U.K. was package to canaries (one bill, no planning grin). Thinking of going to America at some point but really have no idea how to start researching. It's huge!! Are there any websites or books that anyone could recommend? Don't know how long we could/should go for or how many places (or maybe just one) we should go to? Or which places? Any help to start me off would be amazing!

RusholmeRuffian Wed 28-Sep-16 21:36:30

Get the Rough Guide or Lonely Planey Guide the bathe USA. Both gave at least an overview of almost everywhere you could possibly want to go. Think about what time of year you will be going and consider the weather. For example you do not want to be in the desert in mid-summer. Also think about what sort of thing do you want to do? Cities/Coast/National Parks etc. Personally I love a US road trip.

RusholmeRuffian Wed 28-Sep-16 21:37:39

Forgot to say if you are considering a road trips, is really useful for planning and inspiration.

Yoarchie Wed 28-Sep-16 21:50:13

Will get into Amazon!

specialsubject Thu 29-Sep-16 12:37:05

Suggest a trip to your local library and borrow a raft of guidebooks for free.

How long have you got? What are your interests? What time.of year?

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