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Asia in August

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Puzzledmum Mon 19-Sep-16 21:56:40

We have a month (August 2017) to travel and were hoping for some ideas around Asia. Two adults and a teen 16yo.
We were thinking Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. Do you think it is doable to visit all four and is the weather good in August in these places? We originally thought of doing Central America but were dissuaded as apparently the weather could be terrible then. Any ideas most welcome!smile

ShanghaiDiva Wed 21-Sep-16 07:17:35

Weather wise Singpaore is pretty much the same year round - hot and humid.
Indonesia - (I've only been to Bali and Java) is dry in August and so is Malaysian Borneo.
I think it's a lot for 4 weeks, but depends what you want to see. Singapore only needs a few days - night safari and zoo, Sentosa, Little India, Universal studios and some interesting museums.
Malaysia - recommend Borneo - great for long houses, ornagutans in the wild, kayaking. Kuching is nicer than Kota Kinablau imo.
Indonesia - Bali has good weather then - combine a stay on the coast with some time in Ubud.
Sri Lanka - not sure about the weather as I went 18 years ago in the winter - perhaps one week travelling - sigiriya, tea picking area, Kandy, Galle, elephant orphange and then a few days at the beach.

Puzzledmum Wed 21-Sep-16 17:34:51

Thank you so much Shanghaidiva! That is exactly what I'd like to do, a full on holiday! I'll check all these places and shall start booking!

Puzzledmum Wed 28-Dec-16 23:41:00

I continue with planning this trip, which now excludes Sri Lanka. So thinking of flying to Indonesia and spending 10 days there then Malaysia for further 10 days and finish in Singapore for 3 nights. What would you say are your top five must see and do things in each destination?

user1482403349 Fri 13-Jan-17 10:10:04

Hello! Whereabouts in Malaysia and Indonesia that you are thinking of? Singapore in 3 nights is good amount! Clarke Quay, Universal Studio, Sentosa island is okay, and of course, the usual Chinatown, Little India and street food.

As for Malaysia, if you're looking at Peninsular or Sabah&Sarawak? If you're looking at more towards beach and city gateaway then I would say visit the Paninsular, where you should visit Penang Island for the food and cultural history as well as some beach. Malacca for food and cultural history (but different from Penang, Penang more of post English cultural history and Malacca post Portugese history) Malacca can be covered in a day and Penang would be a couple of nights stay. There's of course the capital, Kuala Lumpur. as for beaches in Malaysia, I would recommend Langkawi Island or even better and nicer, Perhentian Island. If you're more into tropical in Peninsular, you can visit the national forest or visit Sabah&Sarawak with activities mentioned by ShanghaiDiva

As for Indonesia, I liked Bali island, Lombok island and Yogyakarta. You can visit Borobudur in Jogja which was amazing. Lots of different activities like the beach, volcano and paddy field visit in Bali.

specialsubject Fri 13-Jan-17 13:13:49

Dont bother with the expensive expat bits of singapore, little India and so on are much better for food. Geylang needs a little care but also has wonderful food. Look out for food courts and hawker centres.

Botanic gardens, the wonderful zoo in the day ( not the night safari), fort canning, changi museum and loads more.

Sentosa is just a theme park, avoid at weekends or holidays.

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