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Help planning trip to Thailand

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Redtartanshoes Mon 19-Sep-16 20:41:06

I'm thinking of taking ds9.5 to Thailand, late Nov, early Dec for 2 ish weeks.

I'd love to go to Chaing Mai for a few nights, then 5 or 6 nights near the beach but with stuff to do, then a couple of night in Bangkok on the way home.

Other than that I have no idea in locations/hotels/internal flights or actually whether I'm mad to even consider doing this just the two of us?

He's really laid back and happy to chill out/amuse himself so while I'd like to do things... elephants, cook school, snorkelling I'm not worried about entertaining him 24/7

ShanghaiDiva Wed 21-Sep-16 14:08:11

You can fly from Chiang Mai to Phuket with Air Asia which is usually pretty reasonable. Chiang Mai has lots of temples and I did a great cookery course there. For Phuket I recommend the north of the island as it is quieter with nice restaurants on the beach and no night clubs. I have stayed at the indigo pearl and the dewa resort there, both are close to the airport.
Bangkok is great for temples, palace and shopping. Traffic can be horrendous so it's a good idea to stay somewhere near a sky train stop. I have stayed at the ariyasom villa which is really nice. It's also easy to do a couple of day trips from Bangkok - Kanchanaburi for the bridge over the river kwai and Ayuthaya is also great.
I took my children (aged 9 and 3) to Thailand on my own and we had a great time so I don't think your mad to consider going with your son.

Suzcat78 Sun 09-Oct-16 21:42:21

I'm going to Thailand with my Dd who will be 10 for the 3rd time in December! Can't wait. We are going to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and debating between Phuket or Krabi at the moment.

In terms of internal flights they are really reasonable and would advise internal flights from city to city. For example Bangkok to CM is about £60 for both of you and about £100 from CM to Phuket via Air Asia or Thai Airways, would suggest flying into Bangkok initially though as it is a lot easier to get flights and more options. You'll find that Bangkok and CM is cheaper than Phuket, lots of trips and remember Thailand is soooo cheap so you'll eat and do loads for not much money!

Have you booked hotels yet, it's good to book through as you don't have to pay until you get there and so you have a lot more flexibility. Hope you and your son have a great time and feel free to ask any questions!

ihatethecold Sun 09-Oct-16 21:50:26

I used Trailfinders to plan our trip this year to Bangkok and Koh Samui.
They were brilliant.

fuzzyduck1 Sat 15-Oct-16 20:56:18

Ira I is great seen lots of families there you can book a taxi to take you out for the day to see local sights and do boat trips out to the islands. The weekly night market is an experience not to miss. Koh lantra is also good. For a few days. As for hotels there all good the best one we stayed in was called timber house you get a ground floor apartment and the pool is right outside the room. Go on and read reviews not made it to chan mi but hope to next time. Also never been th Phuket always looks a bit to holiday for us. Bangkok is an eye opener try to time it over the weekend when the BIG market is on you can buy anything there and get lost for a day.

You'll love all of it after all it is the country of smiles 😀 Except they are in morning at the moment but I don't expect you'll be looking for full moon parties while your there so you should be fine.

MomWobble Sat 15-Oct-16 20:59:15

Hua Hin is fab! Not too far from Chiangmai. Lots for children to do, relatively quiet and very friendly. We took our 4yo last month and we all loved it.

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