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Queensland - what to do!

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theguiltymother1 Mon 19-Sep-16 14:51:00

As part of a longer trip (4 weeks) with 2DCs aged 5 & 2 DH and I have 10 days up around Cairns / Port Douglas next April. We definitely want to stay in Port Douglas for around 4 days or so as have friends there but then i'm wondering:

- Should we stay in Port Douglas the whole time and just take day trips for ease, if so what should we do / go to?
- Should we head up or down the coast and base ourselves somewhere else for a few days to see the sights? Again if so where would make an interesting stop for us and the kids?

This is the last bot of the trip and we will be staying in a holiday home with friends in Port Douglas which is v low cost so can spend a bit more and go to a nice resort (thinking / wishing for kids club maybe) or just not do that.

We like beaches, wildlife, boat trips, rainforest, anything really but my only slight concern is how long the just 2yr old will want to walk for. She is a good walker but i guess buggy friendly might be best or we can take her in the backpack a bit if she still fits! By this point in the trip we will have had a week of beach time on the Gold Coast so may be up for seeing some other things!

Any recommendations / suggestions would be welcome.

theguiltymother1 Wed 21-Sep-16 12:31:27

Anyone been?

properocker Wed 21-Sep-16 21:48:43

What about heading down to the Whitsundays? Staying at a resort on Hayman/Hamilton Island? You could maybe do a road trip from Port Douglas to Airlie Beach ...

swimster01 Fri 23-Sep-16 19:51:54

Hi, we've been to Port Douglas - we stayed there for about 4 days on a longer Australian holiday. I think it is the perfect base - we went to the Daintree on a longer day trip (went to the Tropical Ice Cream farm which was fab and did a crocodile watching trip all in that same day), went to the Mossman Gorge another half day and the Port Douglas animal park (did breakfast with the birds) another half day. Went on a Low Isles snorkelling trip another day. Our son was just over 2 years old when we went so he stayed on the island whilst we took turns snorkelling. It's a beautiful part of the world - you will love it!

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