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Vaccinations for Sengal???

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sunnydelight Sun 04-Feb-07 12:06:09

I'm going to visit a friend of mine in Dakar in March (a child free week so as you can imagine I am very excited!). Various websites give long lists of recommended vaccinations, but as I react really badly to pretty much all medication I only want what is really necessary. My tetanus is up to date and I will take precautions against malaria as I seem to be a mozzy magnet - bearing in mind it is only a week and I will be staying in a friend's apartment I was thinking of risking the rest. Anyone have any experience/opinions? (My friend works for Oxfam and is off to the back of beyond for the next couple of weeks with no internet access so I can't ask her).

FluffyMummy123 Sun 04-Feb-07 12:12:01

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Sun 04-Feb-07 12:18:09

The vital ones for me are tetanus and polio - typhoid / dip / HepA will make you sick and/or cut short your trip but polio is a real bastard.

Don't know what their take is on yellow fever though - some places you can't get into the country without a cert. saying you've been jabbed...

sunnydelight Mon 05-Feb-07 14:11:13

Good to hear Cod, I've been told it's pretty gorgeous. Thanks for your input MrsB, apparantly I do have to have yellow fever.

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