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Some ideas needed - Summer long haul - Yellowstone? Sri Lanka?

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noramum Tue 13-Sep-16 23:18:09

After we discovered we managed to get a new kitchen/building work under budget we decided to use the funds to spoil ourselves and go on a decent long haul holiday. But where?

Some background:
We went to St. Lucia Easter two years ago, nice but we are not the typical AI holiday family. We like to go out and discover, not spend all day at a resort. Otherwise we did AI in Spain (again, we didn't really like it), self-catering in the Med and Germany/UK/France

DD will be 11 in July 2018 (the earliest we can go and prefer Summer to Easter) and while happy to do more intense traveling like a guided tour, she will need a base to relax afterwards. She loves history and being outside and ideally animals. We originally thought about SE Asia, DH and I did a guided tour in Thailand pre-DD and love to go again but end July/August is not the best weather for this.

We all hate theme parks so Disney is a no-go. I also have issues with humidity, I can deal with it but I prefer a dry heat.

After thinking about Mexico (sounds interesting but is August good?) we also got the idea of a week in Yelllowstone and then a week somewhere else. We can stretch to 2 1/2 weeks incl. traveling.

One of my colleagues is from Sri Lanka and praises her home country, she often took her children there for family holidays. It looks great but again, is August good ( I think my colleague is a bit biased)?

Argh, it feels the world is there for me to pick something but I can't decide. Not sure what I want as a response, any idea is appreciated.

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Sleepinghooty Thu 15-Sep-16 06:24:17

Not sure about August, but would second Sri Lanka. Beautiful country and lots to explore.

dontcallmethatyoucunt Sun 18-Sep-16 13:01:00

We are aiming for Sri lanka July/August 2018.

I think Sri lanka offers loads of variety and think the wildlife/history/beach combo looks excellent. Weather wise I think July Aug looks humid though although it varies depending on where you are. I've not been but know people that rave about it (including my parents)

imonaplane Tue 04-Oct-16 17:16:04

We spent 2 days at Yellowstone and thoroughly enjoyed it. The scenery is fantastic and there was a lot to see - not sure you would fill a week though unless you enjoy lots of hiking or biking. Have you thought about California? There is Yosemite, beaches, cities - something for everyone really. We drove from San Fransisco down to San Diego on the Pacific Coast Highway. We loved it.

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