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Anyone been on a Disney Cruise?

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BaconAndAvocado Sun 11-Sep-16 21:27:12

I've just booked one for next August!!

What are the best bits? Any top tips?

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Bustle Sun 11-Sep-16 21:33:05

Yes! We went this summer, and it was amazing. Absolutely fantastic customer service. What do you want to know?

BaconAndAvocado Sun 11-Sep-16 21:52:30


What's the food like? Where is the best place to eat?

Did your kids go to the kids club? I'm not usual that keen on kids clubs but the Disney cruise ones do look amazing!

What did you do,all day on the ship?

Did you use room service?

How much did you tip?

Did you go,to Castaway Cay?

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Bustle Sun 11-Sep-16 22:11:31

Food is fantastic. We went on the Magic, and there were three main restaurants,and your servers come with you to each of them so they soon get to know what you like and make recommendations. My youngest was 12 and they let her pick and choose between the children's and adults menu, and even found her a jacket potato one day when she really didn't fancy anything else. We only went to the buffet for breakfast and lunch - top tip walk around first to see what there is, otherwise you'll end up filling your plate then seeing something nicer! We didn't go to the adult restaurant so I don't know about that.we had room service breakfast a few times and it was lovely, we tipped $2-3 but they seemed surprised that we were tipping.

Eldest didn't really like Vibe but it did seem quite old for her. Youngest loved Oceaneers club and lab and was able to check herself in and out.

Typical day - we'd have tea/coffee room service about 7.30. We'd get up, showered (split bathroom was great!) and go to the buffet for breakfast. Then if we were in port, go for a wander on shore, then come back for lunch. After lunch another wander, a swim, or play on the waterpark for Dd's. About 5 ish we'd start getting ready for the evening, get showered and dressed for dinner, but we were on late dinner so we'd go to the show first (which were all excellent and repeated on one of the to channels!). After dinner Dd2 would go to the karaoke, we'd perhaps gave a drink on deck, then go to bed about 11-12. It was quiet overnight which I really liked, the activities end about midnight so there's no one running up and down corridors at 2am.

We went to Norway so we didn't get to see Castaway Quay but it looks good!

I'll try to think of some tips - the first one that comes to mind is to take a cardboard drink carrier to help carry drinks (yes I spilt some [embarrassed]

Needless to say we've booked for the Mediterranean next year!

BaconAndAvocado Mon 12-Sep-16 17:03:04

Bustle that all!sounds amazing!

Please keep,the tips,coming!

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