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Moving to Australia with 10month old!!

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Pippaandi Tue 06-Sep-16 12:23:53

This is my first one posting on Mumsnet so please bear with me 😊
So we are moving to the Gold Coast in October for a year. Any advice, suggestions welcome! It has all happened so quickly!! Our little girl will be 10 months old. And I have SO much to arrange.
We are planning to rent a furnished property and are going to view sort this out once we are there. Meaning we will be staying in a holiday rental or hotel initially. Is this what people normally do???? Next step would be to get a car, but my husband will be starting work days after we arrive.
Next big topic is our 10month old With regards to health care, immunisations - how would this work in oz?
I am planning to join as many baby clubs and groups as possible so that I'm busy from the get go and can get into the full swing of things.
Any comments welcome!

janaus Tue 06-Sep-16 12:34:35

I am a Nanna in Aus.

Before you leave, you could look up Maternal Health centres, in the area you are going. (That's what they are called here)
Maybe they could email you what is required here.

Good luck with your big move. I have recently had a holiday at the Gold Coast. Warmer climate.

Pippaandi Tue 06-Sep-16 15:03:58

Thank you janaus I will have a look into that 😊

PrettyFlyForATightGuy Mon 12-Sep-16 11:35:05

I've done the same but I'm in Melbourne for the year. Have you checked about renting somewhere furnished and how likely that is? It may be different on Gold Coast but here and in Sydney it's nearly impossible to rent anywhere furnished so it'd be worth getting in touch with some agents and checking. We stayed in an AirBnB apartment initially as a hotel would have been too expensive and it took us 3.5 weeks to find a place and for it become available. Look up all the medicare documents and fill them in in advance and find out where your nearest registration centre will be. You'll need to go there in your first couple of days to register and then they'll give you a temporary number until your cards come through (medicare doesn't cover ambulance trips so you'll need to get separate ambo insurance). Maternal Health centres are usually drop in and you can go for an initial drop in to see where about you are in their programme and then it's drop in sessions for the vaccinations. We had a hire care for the first 3 weeks but bought a car seat as soon as we arrived so we didn't have to hire one (if you're planning to bring one from the UK you might want to check because most UK ones don't fit the Oz regulations and are illegal here) and then I just drove around used car dealerships and bought a car a couple of weeks in. That was probably the most straightforward bit!

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