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Hong Kong & Bali

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Chocolateraisins123 Thu 01-Sep-16 16:16:14

I'm new here but off to HK for 3 days and Ubud and Seminyak for 7 next week! Any recommendations would be great smile

NicknameUsed Thu 01-Sep-16 19:34:50

We did Hong Kong and Bali 20 years ago.

When we landed in Hong Kong we were so jet lagged that most of the first day was written off. Getting around is easy. We used the underground. We did book a tour round the island though and felt it was worth it.

We stayed in Sanur Beach in Bali and found the constant hassle from street hawkers rather annoying, but they weren't too persistent. We did visit Ubud while we were there and found it interesting. The best thing to do is hire a taxi for the day and tour round various places yourself. Bali was ridiculously cheap as well.

Watch out for the monkeys and do not feed them or they will pester you, steal your hat/sunglasses. I don't know anything about Seminyak so I can't advise.

The thing that took me by surprise was how densely populated Bali is. there is a lot of ribbon development along the roads.

Have a great holiday.

ShanghaiDiva Fri 02-Sep-16 01:51:36

Hong Kong:
star ferry
history museum is good too
Disneyland is smallish and ideal for the under 12s, ocean park is better
bus to Stanley is nice for a half day out - lots of restaurants and bars and Stanley market
Night market around Nathan road - not been myself as I live in mainland China - the home of fake goods!
Bali - Ubud is lovely - loads of great restaurants and easy to stroll around. Monkeys and temples at Monkey forest road, elephant cave is not far from Ubud, walk through rice paddies and terraces (scenery is amazing) and temples at mengwi also amazing.

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