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Advice about going to Melbourne in Aug please!

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goingdownunder Wed 31-Jan-07 22:30:51

Message withdrawn

goingdownunder Thu 01-Feb-07 13:43:52

Message withdrawn

mylittlestar Thu 01-Feb-07 14:07:37

I used Trailfinders - they're great for searching all flights to get a good deal.

Hong Kong is good for a stop over.

Not sure about weather or best places to visit though as I went to Sydney!

HTH! And someone else should be along soon I hope....

dejags Thu 01-Feb-07 14:10:19

Tickets - look into STA travel, they were really competitive for our tickets.

There is so much to see in/around Melbourne but you will need a car for the out of town sights.

Weather can be a bit dodgy at this time of year - we were there 25th July - 25th August and it was cold. Parka weather for sure.


CocoLoco Thu 01-Feb-07 14:20:30

I booked through Trailfinders but I don't think it really matters, go with whoever you get the best deal with.

We stopped over in HK, but Singapore is nice, friends stopped in Malaysia and enjoyed it.

Don't know about weather at that time, variable I've heard.

Lots to do there - if you want to see Aussie animals Healesville Sactuary is great (miles away so need a car). We went to St Kilda, to Luna Park, that was fun. But we had the kids with us.

It's a really nice city, you'll have a great time whatever you do!

goingdownunder Thu 01-Feb-07 20:57:51

Message withdrawn

sunnydelight Mon 05-Feb-07 21:09:07

I would book directly with the airline - we went to Sydney in November and I saved £1,000 (5 of us) on what I had been quoted by a travel agent by booking directly online (Singapore airlines, but if I had chosen BA it was £1,200 cheaper than what I had been quoted). I've just booked a flight to Dakar and again it's been cheaper to go direct - I checked out expedia, lastminute etc. for flights then booked directly on the airline's website. It's also easier if anything goes wrong as your contract is with the airline direct, rather than a travel agent (as long as it's a reputable airline of course).

eidsvold Mon 19-Feb-07 06:28:49

remember Melbourne weather can be changeable - three different seasons in one day.

Singapore was fab for a stopover for us - stayed at Merchant Court Swissotel - 5 minute walk to metro, shuttle bus to Raffles and huge shopping centre, on the river for bumboat ride, lots of eateries etc within 5 minute walk- across the river from the hotel. Hotel has its own spa!!

nearlyfourbob Mon 19-Feb-07 06:30:37

Singapore airlines and Singapore. Book direct with airline then you can change flights for free if you need to.

Weather could be anything. Pack layers.

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