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ANyone flown Emirates

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Flumpleton Wed 31-Jan-07 14:43:36

Has anyone flown with kids on Emirates recently. We are off to Oz in June with 4 and 2 year old boys and wondered what they were like for children. Have only previously flown with them on honeymoon with no nippers in tow!

VoluptuaGoodshag Wed 31-Jan-07 14:44:59

DH flies with them a lot and says it's pretty fancy, even in economy class.

Flumpleton Wed 31-Jan-07 14:53:18

Yeah seem to remember that but unfortunately too busy quaffing champers to notice things like kids food or entertainments!!

giggly Thu 01-Feb-07 22:42:35

I have flown twice with them, first time child free 2nd 5 months pregnant. Will be flying to Oz in March with dd18 months. All flights in economy, food pretty good, child meals are served first, kids get goody bags with pencils etc, each seat has tv with games console,staff seemed very good with kids. When I was pregnant I got a constant suply of food and drinks with no tutting from any staff. We looked at going Malaysian aas they are supposed to be very good, but need to fly from Glasgow with as few stops as possible, so Emirates again then. Overall I thought they where very good. Much better than BA or Quantas who we have also flown with. Hope this helps.

fuzzywuzzy Thu 01-Feb-07 22:44:23

I have with both my girls at various ages. They're very nice and took dd off to meet the pilot (not sure if they still do that).

brimfull Thu 01-Feb-07 22:47:10

flew to dubai last october with them .DS 4yrs loved it ,was entertained by the new ice entertainment system,video games and constant movies.Think he watched cars twice.Can't remember the food ,but overall I was umpressed with the service,loads better than BA.

hitchcock Wed 07-Feb-07 15:33:45

i flew with them to hong kong and to thiland all i can say was brilliant had a 4hr stopover in dubi get a shower in the health club £3.00 b argin service was excellent cant rate them enough

MABS Sun 25-Feb-07 08:49:19

flown with them lots, there are no where near as good as they were a year ago, sorry

foxybrown Sun 25-Feb-07 08:54:51

I think we flew with them last time, and they were good. Alot depends on the cabin crew on the day, tbh. Flew Cathay this time, not as good, which surprised me as I heard they were the best.
BTW, just flew with 5, 4 and 2 year olds. Can I give you my top tip? I gave each a sticker book at the beginning of the flight, and they got a sticker for each half-hour they were good (including sleep time). Seems like a lot, but really worked. Had 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes (each was really something each wanted) wrapped up to 'present' to them at the other end. Worked a treat for us. Bribery? Absolutely!!! hope it goes well

MaggieW Mon 26-Feb-07 07:47:14

Flew with them to NZ last year. Service faultless - excellent staff, entertainment and food. The kids loved it. However, the downside is that aircraft from Heathrow to Dubai was a 777 - very spacious - with long seat pitch. From Dubai to Sydney and on to Christchurch the aircraft was much smaller and seat pitch was much smaller. Result DD didn't sleep much at all as her car seat touched the seat in front and there was nowhere for her legs to go. So we didn't enjoy that flight at all, or the return one. My husband, who is 6 ft, also very uncomfortable for that leg of the journey because of seat pitch. Don't understand why they put a less spacious aircraft on for the longest, and busiest, part of the trip.

mateychops Mon 26-Feb-07 08:37:29

DP flies with them on a regular basis, and has never had a bad flight. His favourite airline (despite what BA's ads say!)
Enjoy your flight!

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