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South Korea

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geogteach Wed 31-Jan-07 14:18:28

I'm going next week for my brothers wedding, anyone been before and got any hints / tips about the place?

roseylea Wed 31-Jan-07 14:26:13

I've spent several months in various parts of South Korea. It is really interesting and varied - beautiful countryside, tiny tranquil fishing villages, huge cities (obviously) and really buzzing city centres, esp. at night - much more exciting than any European cities IMO. And lots of missionaries / people working with christian charities (like me when I was there).

The thing I noticed was that even tho it is much more developed than other parts of East ASia (certainly the countries I've been in) there is still a very strong Confucian culture which dictates the manners of people everyday. So you have to get to know what is acceptable to do/say or people may get offended by things that would not be an issue in the Uk. I noticed that there were more tightly defined roles for men and women, and for women to disagree with men is not really the done thing, for example. But I was working for a christian charity so maybe that's a more traditional sector of society anyway.

A few must-dos -

A Korean BBQ (if you eat meat)
A Korean bath experience! (Communal same-sex hot baths - very relaxing but lots of naked bodies! )
A trip up to the DMZ (the weird no-man's-land which is as far as you can get to the north)
A facial / massage - there are some very good spas!

geogteach Wed 31-Jan-07 17:44:49

Thanks this sounds good. My brother had recomended the DMZ, but the spas sound good.

babydales Mon 26-Feb-07 15:04:22

We are going over next Easter for my sons wedding. He has lived there for 4 years now. Really looking forward to it but a little apprehensive as not too sure what to expect, but my son loves it there and has no plans to come back to live here.

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