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Tips For Toddler Sleep on Overnight Flight?

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AmyByTheTrain Mon 15-Aug-16 14:14:55

DS will be nearly 3 years and we'll be flying to Chicago and back. We did this when he was 1.5, and the daytime flight to Chicago went just fine with the iPad, snacks, etc. But the overnight flight back was absolute hell and we vowed never to do it again.

I think the main problem was that DS was tired and wanted to sleep, but he sleeps on his tummy, which just wasn't possible in economy. So, he pretty much screamed and thew tantrums until he was so exhausted that he zonked out sitting up.

He still sleeps on his tummy, but he's bigger now, so I'm worried it will be even worse, and I don't really see a solution.

Has anyone had a better experience and can give any advice?

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