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Long haul with a 1 year old - any advice, tips?

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Maya15 Sun 31-Jul-16 21:13:20

We are shortly flying long haul with a 1 year old, 7 hour flight, 2hr stopover followed by another 5 hour flight, followed by a short flight. She is generally very good on planes and done several short haul flights before.
Anything to consider when packing (hand luggage) for long haul? She doesn't like food in pouches, any food I could take in case she doesn't eat the plane food? Any other tips for jet lag and sleeping?
The outbound flight is over night, the return flight during the day. Airline is Emirates.

Maya15 Mon 01-Aug-16 13:32:10


KP86 Mon 01-Aug-16 13:43:07

A few new pound shop/cheap toys that you can unwrap one at a time to keep her amused. All quiet ones! If she's old enough, a magnetic drawing board (like old style etch a sketch with a pen) is a good game and easy to wipe clean and redo.

Packet of rich tea biscuits or similar snack and packaged formula for drinking in case she doesn't like their food. One day of biscuits won't kill her.

If you have a tablet put some videos on it and if she's young enough, she will be happy to look at it without sound.

More nappies and clothes changes than you think you'll need, including some for you in case she's sick on the flight. Better to have too many in case checked bag gets lost.

Mostly, just remind yourself that it's 15 hours and then it will be over. Do whatever it takes to get through it. smile

Maya15 Mon 01-Aug-16 13:52:32

Thank you! Magnetic drawing board is a good idea. She hasn't seen one before so it could be a great distraction. I am sure she would also watch videos without sounds.

I am not dreading it, she is usually quite good on planes but as I said we have never done long haul before. She entertains herself with the simplest things for ages but as we are flying over night I am a bit worried that she might not sleep enough and get overtired/grumpy.

We got a bassinet but I am not even sure it is big enough for her and if she will sleep in it. But as you said it is 15 hours and then holidays! grin

Scotinoz Fri 05-Aug-16 13:48:07

Emirates are great with children 😀

If you're flying with her on you lap she's classed as an infant and catering is a jar of baby food rather than a child's meal. I flew Emirates recently and they happily gave us an extra meal for our 1 year old which was great. I took a pasta ready meal from the baby food aisle as a back up (my 1 year doesn't eat pouch food either but I figured she'd eat it if she was really hungry), but also took a picnic for her and our 2 year old; crackers, cheese (Babybel type cheese lasts a while out of the fridge), fruit (as long as it's eaten on the flight it's okay with regards to customs/quarantine), dry cereal, raisins, popcorn, yoghurt from a pouch (I'm in Australia and can get a non-refrigerated breakfast yoghurt from the baby food aisle which both children eat happily, but guess Ella's Kitchen must do something similar) and sandwiches. Never had any issue with food for the children through security.

Books, mini EtchaSketch, stickers, bit of TV, little toys like Duplo people and Playmobil 123 etc kept them both occupied.

One crew deemed my 1 year old to be too big for the bassinet but another crew were less strict.

MilkyChops Wed 10-Aug-16 20:54:00

Our baby had done 16 flights by 1 year old. Both short and long. We've - touch wood - not had one bad flight.

We flew Emirates when he was 6 months old UK to HongKong then from Bali to UK. They gave us a bassinet which plugged into the bulkhead. Depends how fussy the cabin crew are as to whether they'll give you one for her though at one year old. They were nice to fly with, the cabin crew were attentive.

He ate the food off our trays, there's always a bread bun of some sort and pot of fruit chunks. You can just ask if there's any adult meals left for the bits off the tray like the yogurt etc. Sometimes there's crackers and soft cheese. We always take brioche buns, sultanas, a banana, those squished fruit bar things, flapjack, all snacky foods but filling.

They don't keep milk as such so make sure if she has cows milk that you take some with you. Those pre-made formula cartons are easier and you can buy them airside at the airport.

My little one tends to fly in baby grows or rompers. Comfortable and lightweight. Take a few spares. A spare outfit for you. I learn't the hard way after a soft cheese and tubulence fiasco. I smelt of cheesy vomit for the remaining 12 hours of a journey. If your in the bulkhead then in the little mesh basket keep a packet of wipes, a nappy, tippee cup and ipad handy.

We don't watch cartoons at home but he'll sit and watch them on a flight as it's a bit of a novelty. So i suggest a tablet or Ipad. Favourite book. Few small toys.

We always take his sleeping bag wherever we go and his muslin cloths. They are his security objects.

Try to stick loosely to routine too. If it's a night flight then do wash, teeth, clean jammies, snuggle up, bottle etc just to keep the routine going.

Also be the last the get ON the plane and the first to get OFF!

Magazinepile Wed 10-Aug-16 21:08:39

Yes I agree with the others, you can never have too many spare baby grows! When we were going to Beijing when dd was 9 mts I just didn't think of clothes for me and she was sick all over my pale pink blouse and non was on her. The joys!

Whenever I take my 1 year old on a long haul flight I bring stickers stickers which are really good - especially Googley eyes. She puts them on everything and it keeps her entertained and makes her laugh it really doesn't take long to take them off either.

Mini breadsticks are a winner and iPad is great. The crew should be helpful we went on emirates to Abu Dahbi and she got a toy and played a bit. Have a few trips up and down the plane. I stayed in the galley carrying her rocking her with a bottle and she was asleep in no time which gave me time to relax have a well deserved G&T

Good luck and have a great holiday! X

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