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New England, anyone?

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walruswhiskers Sun 24-Jul-16 17:59:02

Just about to go to New England for 3 weeks. We have 5 nights in NYC, then a few days here and there - Cape Cod, Salem, White Mountains )NH), Maine coast and Boston. We have a pretty good idea of things to do and some knowledge of the area being as I studied there (20 years ago though!). Just wondered if there are any must sees/dos that Mn could let us know about. Thanks!

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TreadingTheBoards Sun 07-Aug-16 00:04:23

Are you already there now? I'm very envious, I love New England, I want to live there!

Salem was fantastic, but I went in October & it was very halloweeny. Try & check out the ugly mug diner for food. If (like me) you are interested in all things spooky, you could try a tarot reading in one of the many shops on Essex Street.

Boston was a beautiful City, the aquarium is brilliant, check it out, and you have to eat Italian food in the North End, it's fantastic. Quincy Market is worth a look too. The park just before Boston common is stunning. Also, you really have to eat at Sam LaGrassa's deli, it's superb.

Always wanted to go to Cape Cod. Hope you love it as much as I imagine I would!

Bambambini Sun 07-Aug-16 12:04:09

In Cape Cod now. Tip for a lovely Boston breakfast - walk along the lovely Charles Street just off the Common. Keep walking past the Paramount near the start that was recommended by a local but is always crazy busy with queues - right up near the river to Panaficios - lovely little cafe restaurant and quiet and relaxed without the chaos - unless you like chaos first thing in the morning!

Dancergirl Wed 10-Aug-16 07:00:47

Martha's Vineyard is lovely. And the historic Deerhurst resort. Also I think there is a shaker village in the region that was interesting.

NicknameUsed Wed 10-Aug-16 07:18:37

We went many years ago and loved it. We visited a couple of living history museums - Old Sturbridge village and Hancock Shaker village.

There is Plimouth Plantation as well. Salem was brilliant, and like TreadingThe Boards we were there in the run up to Halloween.

The bed and breakfast places in New England are much more upmarket than hotels and motels and we stayed in some fantastic ones in Lennox (MA) and in Weston in Vermont, and one in Marblehead near Salem.

I am so envious of your trip.

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