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Cambodia & Malaysia - pregnant!!

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charlybs Fri 15-Jul-16 20:38:29

Hi all!

Myself and DH booked the honeymoon of a lifetime and we're headed off next month - when I'll be 9 weeks pregnant!

Does anyone have any tips in general for travelling in the first trimester or travelling in Cambodia and Borneo? Xx

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completecliche Sat 16-Jul-16 22:50:03

Please go and see your GP or Practice Nurse to discuss the Malaria risk, you might need to alter your itinerary a bit to avoid having to take tablets.

charlybs Sun 17-Jul-16 12:16:45

Will do. From everything we've read we're only heading to low or negligible risk areas but it doesn't hurt to be on the safe side!

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completecliche Sun 17-Jul-16 13:00:14
Might be worth a read?

specialsubject Sun 17-Jul-16 17:32:33

Dengue, zika etc - cover up, lots of d e e t.

charlybs Sun 17-Jul-16 17:51:15

There's been 0 cases of zika in Cambodia or Malaysia as far as I'm aware?

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KP86 Sun 17-Jul-16 17:58:23

This might be OTT, but:
Don't eat from street vendors
Avoid ice in drinks
Don't eat fresh salads/cold meats
Take hand sanitiser and soap with you everywhere

Alicekeach Sun 17-Jul-16 18:05:55

Don't expect to do too much. By nine weeks I was vomming uncontrollably!

mzS1990 Sun 17-Jul-16 18:14:37

I agree with kp86.

charlybs Sun 17-Jul-16 19:11:28

Well! Really looking forward to the honeymoon of our dreams now lol

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minipie Sun 17-Jul-16 19:51:21

Hmm 9 weeks was peak tiredness and nausea for me - sorry. Eat little and often, plain food/carbs - carry a packet of crackers with you at all times, and plenty of fluids.

Also you may be knackered especially early afternoon so build in siesta time. For example if you are off to Angkor Wat then do two trips morning and late afternoon each day, rather than reckoning on one long day (the temples are far nicer early and late anyway, less crowded and more atmospheric). Same advice if going to see the orang utans (from memory the trips tend to be morning and evening anyway).

Diving is off the cards but snorkelling is fine so choose beaches that have coral close to shore. There is a lovely island off Borneo close to the orang utan reserves, where there are baby turtle hatcheries - can't remember its name but I can look it up if you are interested. Pricey though, Cambodia is probably better beach wise.

Shell out for decent transport - road travel in both countries is slow and unpredictable (and not very safe) so consider internal flights (v cheap and modern in borneo at least) or trains where available.

I can't remember the malaria situation - I think we took Malarone, no idea if this is safe in pregnancy, but do check obviously!!

Good luck - I do think the key is not to try to do too much, DH and I did a similar trip and with hindsight we crammed too much in (and I wasn't pregnant!)

Donthate Sun 17-Jul-16 19:53:03

I was pregnant when I loved on Borneo. It was fine, check your immunisations, buy "off!" Mosquito spray out there and enjoy it.

Donthate Sun 17-Jul-16 19:53:15


charlybs Mon 18-Jul-16 11:41:38

Thanks everyone for your tips!

Hopefully we'll be OK - as its our honeymoon we've got flight transfers most places and have chosen the "luxury" option where we can afford it.

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specialsubject Mon 18-Jul-16 11:57:15

the mosquitoes don't read the signs.....

dengue and chikingunya are endemic in the tropics. so 24/7 DEET, cover up, possibly even mossie nets.

check your jabs. And also check (hopefully already done!) that you are in the right places for the season in Malaysia. The wrong place will be rather wet.

charlybs Mon 18-Jul-16 12:47:09

Yep we're in the right places in Malaysia - it's height of the season and lovely and sunny. The main reason we picked it in the first place.

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Boleh Mon 18-Jul-16 13:59:34

I used to live on Borneo - it's a stunning place! The coast is generally not malerial- at least in Sarawak where we were but the interior is. Main defence against mozzies and all sorts of biting things is to cover up - long sleeves and trousers, despite the heat especially around from (and including) dusk to dawn. Annoyingly the dengue mosquitos are active in the daytime so you need to be careful then too. See what the highest DEET you are allowed in pregnancy is and use it on any remaining exposed skin. Boots do some fantastic wipes which are easy to carry and apply and can't leak in your bag - I used to have them in every handbag I owned in case I ended up staying out later them planned and being caught by dusk! I was a bit slack about daytime and did get an interesting tropical fever to show for it...
Yes to midday naps, I was shattered at 10 weeks (back in the UK by then) but no nausea at all so you might get lucky. All the wildlife is best at dawn and dusk and its (marginally) cooler - it might not seem very holiday-ish to get up at 6am but it's probably worth it in some places. Yes also to beware of ice in drinks although 'Borneo edible ice' had a truck that seemed to deliver to every restaurant where we lived and I never had a problem - the locals don't want any of the serious nasties from the water either! it's worth being careful though as you won't be used to even the different chemical composition of the local water let alone any potential lurking bugs if it isn't filtered.
Food, even from tatty looking shop-lots tends to be fried at high heat or boiled and has never personally caused me a problem although I don't eat meat, which may help. I'd tend to steer clear of buffets, go for something cooked to order even if it takes a few minutes longer. Have a fantastic time and definitely try the Sarawak Laksa, mee goring and nasi lemak (but beware the fermented shrimp paste that comes with nasi lemak is very hot and fishy!).

underneaththeash Thu 21-Jul-16 21:42:53

Is it baby number 1? I'd really think of postponing until you're over 13 weeks. I think I had pretty easy pregnancies, but felt dreadful between 7-11 weeks, sick, tired and didn't feel like eating anything except mortadella and cheese rolls (had to be on white bread too).

Sorry to be a killjoy, but you'll probably enjoy it much more later on.

charlybs Thu 21-Jul-16 22:05:25

It's not possible to postpone - it's all booked & its our honeymoon paid for by our friends and family. I'd rather look for positives and workarounds as I can't cancel the biggest, most expensive and most exciting holiday I will ever have, we'd lose almost everything spent on it.

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charlybs Thu 21-Jul-16 22:06:13

Thanks boleh for your tips smile

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MilkyChops Wed 10-Aug-16 21:11:40

I travelled for 6 weeks whilst pregnant. Arrived home on the first day of second trimester. The only thing that hit me was the tiredness. We were in Central America so similar issues regarding Malaria etc.

You need to visit your practice nurse or travel clinic. You can't take Doxycycline whilst pregnant but there are other Anti-Malarials. The risks of getting malaria for your baby is worse than the anti-malarials themself. Cambodia is chloroquine resistant so you'll need Malarone. Your husband can take doxycycline though (alot cheaper!.

Check that you're up to date with your general immunisations. If not check which are safe to have during first trimester. Then wear long trousers and long sleeve shirts dusk and dawn. Deet 50% is deemed okay for pregnant women so lather yourself in that too. You can buy this in Millets. Roller ball one may be better than the spray if your nauseous.

Take your time too. Don't rush about. Stay out of the midday sun. Go out nice and early for half day trips then back for mid day sun and nap or pool. Then out again late afternoon for small trip and dinner etc. Go to the convenience store and get doting new husband to but lots of cool bottled water. Avoid salad. Pre-prepared fruit. Ice free drinks. Don't eat from a buffer where rice has been sat re-heating. Chicken can be dodgy. Stick with beef or veggie dishes.

On your flights make sure you do lots of leg exercises and walk around when you can.

Hope you have a lovely time!!

Peskyelephant Sun 21-Aug-16 21:35:09

I went to Thailand and Hong Kong when 11 weeks. Booked 6 months before than got pregnant accidentally. Travel vaccinations were fine and we weren't in malarial places.
One thing to account for is that jet lag and morning sickness are not great together. I spent the first 3 days feeling quite rough in hong Kong and eating mainly chips. So don't plan much when you get there.
After that a week relaxing in a Thai resort was fabulous. The main inconvenience was not being able to have a beer on holiday. It was a wonderful relaxing final childless holiday. Have a great time.

MumiTravels Sun 28-Aug-16 22:25:08

After I wrote that big essay. I found out that I'm pregnant. We are also going to Cambodia and Malaysia this year. I'll be 12 weeks or so when we arrive.

charlybs Wed 31-Aug-16 14:26:23

Haha what are the chances! Well I'm currently on honeymoon, with 4 days left to go.

I've had a whale of a time, not gotten sick once (I'm 12+2 currently) and have been feeling fine, if a little tired if we do a load of walking.

Celebrated 12 weeks half way up Mount Kinabalu smile

GP didn't even suggest any vaccinations or malaria tablets as everywhere we are going is no-to-low risk. I've been bitten by midges maybe 4 times, but no mozzies. I've been using 50% DEET repellent in the evenings which is deemed safe during pregnancy.

Also saw my midwife beforehand for my booking appointment who told me not to worry and to have a blast!

Thanks everyone for the advice xx

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