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suggested hotels/destinations for travel with 1 year old

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meb2006 Mon 22-Jan-07 13:06:45

My husband and I want to go away for a 7-10 day holiday before I go back to work. We are hoping that we may be able to take someone with to help with childcare but this is not definite yet. On the basis that we don't have anyone(to be fair I suspect it won't make much difference if we do in this regard) are there any suggestions as to where we might go? Weather should be pleasant - it does n't need to be burning hot and I want a very nice hotel (although it need n't be 1st class - not sure how crying babies go down in such places). Our room needs to be quite large (nothing like a stadard package hotel room). We are intending to go feb/march. If we don't have any help then somewhere with some form of part time childcare may be an idea. Has anyone been anywhere in the last year or two and thought what a wonderful stay they had. Thanks.

soggybottom Sun 25-Feb-07 21:44:11

My husband and I with DD of 13 mths are planning on a 2 week trip (but it might be 10 days depending on how much holiday he can get!) to a resort in St Lucia called Almond Bay Beach in May. 4*+, all inclusive, free childcare from 9-5 (one nanny to two babies in the on-site nursery) and babysitting available in the evenings for an extra fee. It looks fabulous and just the right balance of break for me, watersports for the husband, and luxury for everyone. I'm booking through Trailfinders as they did a great job on our honeymoon a few years ago and it means that we can relax knowing that we'll get the right room in the right spot. It's about a 7 hour direct flight from LHR with a 4 hour time delay so not too scary! A little nervous as the furthest we've been was Ireland last summer for a wedding with DD who was then 4 mths. She coped brilliantly, but then she hadn't yet discovered the joys of crawling by then of course. Have a great holiday, wherever you decide to go!

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