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long haul with 20 month old

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Tootsieglitterballs Sat 25-Jun-16 13:21:52

Hello fellow mums,

We are taking our first trip abroad with our then nearly 2 year old this year, and obviously, like the super sensible folk we are, we have chosen to go to Australia - we must be mad.

Anyhow, I'm looking for any tips in general for the flight, recommendations of toys/games to entertain, tips for when we are there etc

I've been a couple of times before so it's not new for me, but is for the rest of the family!


Oly5 Sat 25-Jun-16 13:23:50

At 20 months ours was happy with children's headphones and CBeebies on the iPad, interspersed with new toys and books, lots of exciting snacks and a general stroll around the cabin every few hours. And naps! You'll be fine, enjoy

Tootsieglitterballs Sat 25-Jun-16 14:20:35

Thanks oly! Shall get looking into childrens headphones!

browneyedgirl23 Fri 01-Jul-16 08:24:15

I travelled to Miami last year and my LG was 1. She had an iPad which kept her entertained for a long time plus I packed a bag of toys/colouring books/picture books that were brand new so she was interested more as had never seen them before.
I also allowed her treats which she wouldn't usually have everyday like crisps and chocolate, juice etc which she loved. Also, you'll be surprised how much they will sleep!
Good luck and have fun smile

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