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What is the best way to do Orlando and just do a few parks?

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Butteredparsnips Wed 22-Jun-16 09:37:37

We are going to Orlando in August and want some down time / pool days amongst the park days. We had a very full on fortnight a few years ago and spent 13 out of 14 days in the parks so we are planning to pace ourselves better this time. (We were planning a relaxing beach holiday in the med before booking this grin).

We would like to do maybe do 3/4 days at Disney / Epcot a day at universal, possibly sea world and would definitely like to get to Kennedy as we didn't go last time. I've been looking at tickets though and I'm not sure that the full-on-ultimate-super-supreme packages would work for us, so I'm wondering what other options there might be?

Has anyone got any advice or experiences to share please?

So as not to drip feed there are 5 of us; DH and I + DC aged 21,18 & 7

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