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holiday pushchair

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user1465937394 Tue 14-Jun-16 21:55:50

We go away in August and last year when we flew into Miami airport I had to carry my little girl for over 20 mins before we got to baggage reclaim - then wait another 45 minutes for the Pram!
I've bought a quinny zapp xtra and been told you can take those on to the plane as hand luggage - in a travel bag, but wanted to know if anyone had and their feedback?
My LO will be 2 and I really don't want to be carrying her all that way again!
Thank you for any help or advice

Scotinoz Sun 19-Jun-16 14:14:20

I've seen people taking Quinny Zapps on as cabin baggage. YoYos are good for travelling too.

There is a lot of walking at Miami airport, and they're not all that bad. Taking a carrier like an Ergo is another option. That said, I make my 2 year old walk a good chunk too

browneyedgirl23 Sun 19-Jun-16 14:35:11

Thanks so much - I am planning on taking it as cabin baggage but just worried they wouldn't let me.
I would let my 2 year old walk but with the time of flight and time difference we land past her normal bedtime and last year she was asleep as we landed and went through passport control etc. So having the buggy would be a godsend!

carrioke Wed 22-Jun-16 15:08:24

Yes I second the YOYO's - pricey but very convenient for flying and they fit in the overhead lockers. Some airports have airport strollers that you can use for free so may be worth checking the airport guide.

browneyedgirl23 Thu 30-Jun-16 16:34:34

Thanks everyone - I've looked at the yoyo and although the it would be perfect I can't warrant spending that much money for a 2 weeks holiday
Going to stick with my zapp and hope it's ok!

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