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Long haul with new baby?

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BelOfTheBall79 Mon 06-Jun-16 09:10:04

Hi all

Just after some advice on travelling with a baby. I am due in early July. DH and I will get 6 weeks off together once he's born as we're doing shared parental leave, and we plan to spend those at home.

Due to various IVF and pregnancy issues we've not been on holiday for a long time. Given the 6 week period will likely last until end of August DH will then need a bit of time back at work, so we were thinking of a holiday later in the year eg November. However short haul not likely to have the right temperature at that time so would we be absolutely mental to go long haul? We have airmiles so could probably book business but is that harsh on other passengers?

And finally if it's not complete madness to consider this at all any thoughts on specific places to go with a 4 month old?

Thank you

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Rh1annon Mon 06-Jun-16 12:15:59

I went to Flordia with my lo when he was 4 months booked it before I going out was pregnant, baby was fine on the plane as they give you a cot and the baby sits on your lap, he was fine other passengers didn't mind if he had a bit of a cry cause of hunger or tiredness

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 06-Jun-16 13:42:06

How hot would you like it to be?. What do you like to do on holiday?. Canary Islands is not too bad temperature wise in November. I'd be looking at those islands rather than do a flight of say 8 hours plus.

Airmiles can be quite difficult to spend due to lack of availability on many of the more popular routes. You would probably not now get a pair of business class seats on a carrier like for example BA using airmiles as these get snapped up as soon as they are listed.

At 4 months of age your baby would likely be too long to comfortably fit into a cot, you would end up with the child on your lap for both take off and landing.

SJane45S Tue 07-Jun-16 08:15:28

We didn't do IVF but having seen the strain it put two very close friends through you're probably way overdue this holiday! I have done long haul with my eldest daughter (a 2 week trip to Trinidad to introduce her to the ex's family when she was 6 months), I can't say it was a relaxing break. The flights were bearable but I was still a shattered non sleeping wreck trying to deal with a non sleeping baby in extreme heat. My suggestion (and sorry!) would be that you wait till after the baby is born to see if you think you'll realistically going to be up to it. After my 2nd daughter was born, we had a week at cottage in Dorset when she was 2 months old. Much much less exciting than 2 weeks in Trinidad and Tobago but much easier in terms of managing, shed loads of baby gear and actually having a bit of time to relax!

Lokisglowstickofdestiny Tue 07-Jun-16 08:25:52

Air miles are less of a deal these days. I've just booked Business Class to the States and got about £120 off each ticket for about 20k air miles. Also there are very limited seats in Business with a bassinet, so you probably don't want to leave it too long to book, mind you the seats are comfortable enough for you to be able to have them on you for the flight I suppose.As for babies in Business, the airline is happy to sell tickets so other passengers are aware there's the possibility of small noisy passengers. If I got on and saw small people in the cabin, I'd just plug myself into some music, sip my Champagne and be glad it wasn't me doing the trip!

carrioke Wed 22-Jun-16 15:13:03

Hi- My two were IVF too so yes you need this holiday! They are so portable at that age. My eldest went on her first flight at 11 weeks old to Cape Town, and now she has done 40 flights - including ultra long haul. They both love airplanes thankfully! Have a look at as it has loads of information about flying with young children. It's definitely worth researching the airline that best suits your needs before you book, like bassinets, etc. If anything long haul maybe better.. Dubai is nice that time of year and only 7 hours awaysmile

carrioke Wed 22-Jun-16 15:16:28

OOh also forgot to say - if you do decide to go long haul, the average bassinet age limit is about 10 months but every airline has a different policy. This bassinet guide to all the major airlines is very handy to compare, but at 4 months, unless your little one is over the weight limit allowed, you'll be absolutely fine.

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