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Florida with a pre-schooler

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HixieRice Sat 04-Jun-16 08:30:35

We're going to Disney/Universal etc later this year. DH and I have been before, child free, but I think this time might be a bit different!
Does anyone have any experience of flights/Florida/parks with a 3yr-old? Is there something outside of the parks that we shouldn't miss?
I don't think we'll be using the pushchair at home by then, but would it be worth taking? I think it might be quite tiring?
All hints and tips appreciated!

mummymeister Sat 04-Jun-16 09:55:48

there are a huge number of threads on her about WDW so suggest you have a good trawl through. first off buy the books WDW with kids and beyond WDW they are brilliant and really helpful with touring plans and everything. also have a look at the DIBB website. you must must take a pushchair it will be the most important thing because a tired and whingy 3 year old wont be any fun for either of you. make sure you take a good bag with water and snacks in and a favourite toy/toys. aim to get out early and then sleep in the afternoon back at your holiday accom before going back in the evening. the water parks are great for older kids as is Universal studios but not sure for little ones.

LivingTheDreamUK Sat 04-Jun-16 10:07:28

Crayola World at Florida Mall.. or check out our videos. We just for back and our daughter is 3 smile

Hulababy Sat 04-Jun-16 16:07:51

We took DD at 2y and 4y, in the Florida summer heat in July/August.
Both times she loved in - so much so we have been back several times since, and the heat didn't bother her one bit.

Both times we did take the pushchair. She didn't use it very much (we didn't use it at home) during the days but it was handy for her to sit in when waiting for parades and fireworks, and the trips back to the car late at night when she really was flagging - having not stopped for several hours in the parks. It was also handy for bags and changes of clothes - there is a lot of water (water play areas, fountains, etc) so good to have a towel and a rash top/thin shorts to change in and out of. You just leave them in dedicated stroller parking - never had any issues doing so and nothing ever went missing.

We did full park days and never did the part park/part at the villa/hotel. DD wanted to keep going and loved it. She wasn't really having naps by those ages, not even at 2y so wasn't really an issue anyway.

Lots of rides at all the Disney parks, and now both Universal parks have tons of stuff for smaller children including water play areas and actual rides they can go on. Once they are 89/90cm tall there is plenty.

We did SeaWorld on out first visit many years back but don't do that nowadays.

DD always enjoyed, and still does, Space Centre, and she enjoyed a day at the beach on the coast. She loved/loves the water parks too but we only do that for 2-3 hours in a morning at most as it gets too hot and busy.

The character interactions are fabulous when they are that age. At 2y DD was mesmerised by meeting her favourite princesses and other characters and it was lovely to see how excited she was.

My sister and BIL have taken my nearly 3y there today, with my parents. They flew out this morning with a very excited toddler. I'm jealous of the getting to see his reactions the first time!

DD is 14y now and still gets excited though :D

budgiegirl Sun 05-Jun-16 16:43:22

I'd definitely take the push chair. It's an awful lot of walking for a three year old, and there are many other kids in buggies, so you won't feel odd. It's also very handy for storing things underneath rather than carrying bags.

HixieRice Sun 05-Jun-16 21:32:40

Thanks everyone, I will look at DIBB and Crayola World and your video Living. I'm so glad to hear that littlies enjoy it, I'm a bit worried that it'll all be too much for her (DNiece6 was very tired and hot and underwhelmed last visit). Good tip on spare clothes Hulababy - I wouldn't have bothered for non-water parks, and DD is about 90cm already smile
I'd like to start her watching and reading about characters we might meet but, again, can't really remember except for The Cat in the Hat, and Dora...? It'll be so much better if there's lots she recognises!
And we'll definitely take the pushchair - I'd not thought about using it for "stuff" too. Although I'm quite paranoid security conscious at home, and probably wouldn't like leaving it parked up fully loaded.

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