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Tips for surviving a long-haul flight with a 16 month old terror!

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hoochiemummy Wed 17-Jan-07 13:02:45

Hi ladies,

I'm taking my 16 month old son who is a terror to see my sister in Atlanta. The flight is 9 hours and 40 minutes and I'll be ON MY OWN!!!

I'm not too worried about coming back as I have a night flight, but going there we are travelling at lunch time. I have already bought a portable DVD player so I can hook him into The Hoobs, which should give me a good 20 minutes peace and quiet. Any idea what I can do for the other 9 hours and 20 minutes, not to mention the 3 hours at the airport beforehand?!!

Also, any tips on coping with time change, food to take on plane, etc. I will be eternally grateful.


MrsBigD Thu 18-Jan-07 08:43:45

Hi Hoochiemummy We flew to NZ when dd was 18 months and a non sleeping terror

We just let her roam free when possible as she turned into screaming banshee when we tried to keep her with us or strap her into the travel cot . How heavy is your ds? If not too heavy you might be able to request a travel cot so at least you can sit him in there and he can have a play. Peekaboo with a blanket was annoying to us but kept dd occupied for 30 mins . We were lucky in that we flew with Singapore Airlines and the steward/esses all thought dd was sooooo cute (blue eyed and blond) that they didn't object to her running up and down the aisles. Saying that rather a happy toddler wandering than a strapped in screaming nightmare ;).

Things to take along: fav toys/cuddlies are helpful.

As for time change... we had a week of getting up at 0200 but then again the timezone difference to NZ was nearly 12h when we went... Try and keep him awake as long as possible then let him have a snooze and wake him up so he's up a bit before it's evening in Atlanta if that makes sense

Food for the plane... depending on the airline they might supply kids meals. However I'd take some rations with you. Not sure how strict the airport controls are now but be prepared to taste everything

Also make sure he's got something to suck on for take off/landing better on his ears.

Any more questions just ask, better get dd ready for school now

hitchcock Wed 07-Feb-07 21:39:39

what was the travel cot like on singapore airlines how abig was your little one???? what was singapore airlines like with your baby???

Chandra Wed 07-Feb-07 21:42:38

Go with the flow... just that

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